Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in after an exciting finish to last night’s Sox game. Coming into the game the Sox were reeling after losing 2 back to back close games to the Tigers and found theirselves not only in a 2 hour rain delay but in a 6.5 game hole in the division. After the rain went away it was time for the Sox to try to get this must-win game. Action picked up in the 4th when Jim Thome hit his 12th HR of the year to give the Sox a 1 run lead. Gavin Floyd continued to pitch well as he was pitching a shutout into the 8th inning until he gave up a HR to Ramon Santiago to cut it to a 2-1 lead.
Then A.J. came up in da bottom of the 8th inning with his 6th blast of the campaign to push the lead back up to a 3-1 lead. So Big Bad Bobby Jenks comes in the 9th to close it out and gave up a lead off hit but got to two outs until one of my favorite players from Chicago Curtis Granderson hit a 2-run blast to right field to tie it 3-3.
Right at this moment i was shaking my head in disbelief like HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! but i was wrong as Brian Anderson lead off the bottom of the 9th with a lead off single then a PERFECT bunt by Chris Getz lead to a game winning RBI for Scott Podsednink to win the game. Now with that win the White Sox pretty much saved their season…FOR NOW with the hole going down to 5.5 games behind Detroit. Now interleague play will begin with 3 series against NL Central teams starting today with the Brewers. Now so keynotes to remember is that Paul Konerko got injured 2 nights ago and will prolly miss the series & Jim Thome, who has been hot of late will be reduced to just a pinch-hitter with the pitcher having to bat in the NL parks. So we will see what happens until next time…PEACE!!!

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