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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking it after a GREAT game last night at the cell. It was even better for me because I was there before I start i think that all Sox fans will agree with me when i say that D-Wise should play EVERY thursday from now on lol Last week it was the Perfect Game saving catch & now this week scoring the game-winning RBI against the Bombers. Now when the park opened it was a brief 40 minute rain delay and this pic below describes my feeling at that time lol
But after the rain went away it was time to PLAY BALL!!!!
Obviously from the pic i took i was very excited lol but anyway the White Sox got on the board in the 4th inning when Bacon struck again with a RBI double that gave us the 1-0 lead. Gavin Floyd kept the the Yankees off the board until the 6th when Johnny Damon had an RBI double to tie it at 1-1. Then in the 7th the most hated player in the major’s A.J. Pierzynksi struck again when he bumped into Robinson Cano on purpose to avoid the double play & Jim Thome scored the go ahead run to 2-1 Sox.
So in the 8th inning after Gavin Floyd came out after giving up a base hit(he was REMARKABLE by the way) Matt Thornton came in and got the final out in that inning after giving up a base hit. So the 9th inning comes in Thornton strikes out the first two batters he see’s then an old White Sox came in to strike us……….
Nick Swisher just blasted a ball into center field to tie the game at 2. So in the bottom of the inning after 2 base hits with 2 outs on a 2-2 count Dewayne Wise struck again with his game winning RBI single that scored Scotty Pods to give us a 3-2 win.
This was a HUGE win after goin 1-6 on our 7 game roadie, you could tell it was a big win because when we were leaving Da Cell everyone was chanting “Yankees Suck” like we just won the World Series lol I also was reminded how big of a fanbase the Yankees have because there was just as many Yankee fans as there were Sox fans. It kinda got me a lil upset seeing all those damn Jeter jersesys but i got over it almost wanted to beat the crap outta some Yankee fan sitting next to me but i didnt LOL
Bobby Jenks missed yesterday’s game due to Kidney Stones & should be back today(hope he gets well those are not good)
-Alexei Ramirez’s injury wasn’t as bad as it looked(thank God) and should be back in the lineup either saturday or sunday.
I’ma leave yall with some pics from my trip to da cell..PEACE!!!
left field.jpg