Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in after a horrible offensive performance by the Sox last night. What can i say about this team hmmm…….i got it, this years White Sox are kinda like when you’re on a plane that has a lot of turbulence and then the ride is smooth for about 5 minutes and then a huge dip occurs again.Just when you think that the Sox are gonna start rollin they put up a 4 hit, 2 run performance like they did last night. I blame this loss SOLELY on the White Sox weak offense because once again we blow another good performance from a Sox pitcher with bad no let me re-phrase that, horrendous offense.
Besides the rough two innings where he was pitching slower than usual John Danks was solid, he shut the Dodgers offense for 5 more innings. The main problem for us was this guy:
Hiroki Kuroda, we made this guy look like a Hall of Famer. He almost CG us until JD hit an RBI single in the 9th to make it a 3 run ball game. Now while I was watching this horrible excuse for a baseball game I was also for the 1st time in my 20 years of life checking in on the Cubs game ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE PLAYING THE TIGERS DON’T GET IT TWISTED LOL I wanted the Cubs to win for the first time in my life because the Tigers are leading our division then I almost forgot who I was watching as the Cubs used their God-given ability to LOSE off the bat of Ryan Rayburn as Kevin Gregg(which will bring me to another point later( gave up a win on the walkoff as he blew another save.
Now with the Sox down 6 games in the division the real question is with the trade deadline approaching in like 5 weeks will Kenny Williams be a buyer or seller???? Now im not completely jumping off the boat yet because a 6 game lead is no where near insurmountable and also besides Justin Verlander that Tigers pitching staff & bullpen doesn’t invoke fear into me. Now with the 2nd half approaching soon you gotta be aware of the Piranhas.
Right now they are just doing what they usually do, they stay afloat only being 4 games behind the Tigers and as soon as the 2nd half begins they do a transformation and become the deadly Pirannhas. Thats why the Sox need to get a run going because this will be a 3 headed race real soon and with nuthing but games at the dreaded Metrodome left against the Twins its gonna get real hard. So if I’m Kenny I would still be a buyer instead of a seller because if we can get one more solid starter I believe things will get REAL interesting with a 3 team battle between Tigers, Sox & of course the deadly Pirannhas for that AL Central title. Until next time yall…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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