What is good world! its ya boy White Sox Real Talk checking in for the 1st time in a few months, didn’t want to post anything the last few months until the dust settled from all the moves the Sox were making. It is now the end of January and Spring Training is right around the corner and the smoke in the air is becoming much more clear. Kenny has made a lot of moves in the offseason as far as bringing Teahen, re-signing Carlos Quentin, Bobby Jenks & Freddy Garcia but Mr.Williams has also gotten rid of Sox favorite Scotty Pods and also made some questionable moves. So let me get started on what I think of the new additions to White Sox Nation

1st off LOL @ my title for this segment, but it is very true. Kenny Williams has brought a LOT of age on board with the additions of Omar Visquel & Andruw Jones. To tell you thee honest truth I don’t know what type of Cocaine Kenny was smoking with the Visquel signing, it makes NO sense cuz he is WAAYYYYY too old to make a impact on this ball club.

Now the Andruw Jone signing is interesting, I say this because yes he is a little older BUT I feel he can make a contribution to this team as a DH, not a HUGE difference but I think a big enough difference to help the team out. I cant lie that I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t pick up Hideki Matsui but I think we will be good enough at that position especially since the DH position is gonna be flopped between multiple players this season.


Mr.Williams also brought in Juan Pierre& JJ Putz to the team, two moves that I LOVE. A lot of people were bitching and moaning about this Juan Pierre move but I don’t see why. Last year did he not only steal a lot of bases and hit for a .314 average but he CARRIED THE DODGERS WHILE MANNY WAS SUSPENDED!!! WHY WOULDNT YOU WANT HIM???? I mean granted Pods did do a great job last season but do you really think he was gon do that again???? cuz if he was believe me he wouldnt have went to KC lol Juan is consistent people, he will be a great addition to this ball club just watch. Now JJ will also be solid in my opinion and anytime you have the opportunity to get rid of Octavio Dotel, you should take it lol


Am I the only one excited as hell for the debut of the “Fantastic Four” which is Peavy,Buerhle, Floyd & Danks(who just signed today and hopefully that extension is coming) According to the Sox have the 5th best rotation in not the AL but the MAJORS! that makes me VERY excited. Now add that with a solid 5th starter in Freddy Garcia and a solid bullpen I think the Sox are on the way to another division title in 2010 especially with this happening:
Hey Detroit Im sorry for your loss……NOT LMAO!! That move added with the the loss of Polanco single handedly made the Detroit Tigers a non contender. The only competition is now the Twins, and I’m not really worried bout them ******** without a dome. But before I sign off I wanna address a little situation that might be brewing…..
So sources are saying that Jermaine Dye might be going to(drum roll please)…….THE CUBS! Let me just start off saying that JD is my favorite player and also one of the main reasons why we won in ’05 BUT with all that being said if he does sign with the Cubs…..HE IS DEAD TO ME! PERIOD! YOU DONT SIGN WITH THE ENEMY!…….That is all, so until next time……PEACE!!!



So as the dust settles from the World Series & the Yankees celebrate their 27th title, the city of New York is goin crazy while one man is plotting. That one man is a guy who waits on NO ONE, that one man tasted World Series success in 2005 & is foaming at the mouth for another one, that one man likes to tell everyone not associated with him to “stay out of White Sox business” that one man is….Kenny Williams.
one man.jpg
It wasn’t even 24 hours since the World Series came to a close that he made some noise on the offseason front. Early yesterday morning news broke out that Kenny had traded Chris Getz & Josh Fields to KC for Mark Teahen. The next 24 hours there were a lot of questions & confusion as to whether or not the deal had got done, but it was confirmed just over an hour ago that Teahen is now on the Southside.
This trade is a little confusing to me for a couple reasons, one is I don’t really see how this makes us “better” to me i think we are actually the same with or without Teahen, he’s a good hitter with a decent on base percentage but he strikes out a LOT. It also doesn’t make sense because of the fact that Kenny said we were gonna go back to playing “Ozzieball” but yet we trade of the players that can play that type of ball. I’m not gon question Kenny because he knows what he’s doing & with Kenny its never what it seems. One deal always leads to another one. So who knows where this is gon lead, Kenny says that Teahen will move back to his natural position at 3rd base & that Beckham will move to second. Another move that makes absolutely no sense to me, why move Bacon to 2nd when you can put Alexei back at 2nd & move Gordon to his natural position at shortstop. Either way it was a “decent” trade that I think will work IF other moves are mad. I wish Chris Getz all the best in KC & I hope he develops into the great player I think he can become & to Josh Fields I have two words for you……….KICK ROCKS, that is all.
Now on to the news of the day that I wished didn’t happen & that is the Sox buying out JD’s contract & making him a free agent. I knew this was gonna happen months ago but I was hoping that it wouldn’t. By buying JD out he has 2 options, either signing with another team or signing a new deal with the Sox that would be worth less money. The second option is likely not gonna happen, I understand that JD is getting older & had a horrible second half of the season but I still think there is a place for him here. He could go back in forth from DH & right field but i think Kenny is not gonna let that happen. I would like to thank JD for being a class act & for being one of the main reasons we won the World Series. He was & still is my favorite baseball player & I hope he makes Kenny regret this move wherever he goes(just not against us lol)
Well it looks like its that time to say our final goodbyes to Scotty Pods. Pods made his return to the Southside in May & had a great season & became a candidate for Comeback Player Of The Year. According to Kenny this morning all talks with Pods are basically dead. Pods wants too much money. I’m not upset bout this move because I believe this season was just a “Renaissance” year & nothing more, but I also wish Pods all the best.
The one move that was overshadowed was the re-signing of Mark Kotsay. I feel that was good move due to the fact that he his a great utility player.
As I look at the White Sox roster the main question marks are the outfield, DH & bullpen. Lets start with the outfield, who is gonna play CF & RF??? is Alex Rios gonna play CF or RF?? will they bring somebody in to play RF OR CF??? maybe Johnny Damon?
Its looking like the Yankees more than likely won’t bring Damon back to the Bronx, this could be an opening for the Sox. Sure he’s getting up there a little bit in age but he made some CLUTCH plays in the whole postseason(especially the World Series), now has 2 world championships, can play the outfield well & he batted .282, 24 HR & 82 RBI this year. We all know the new Yankee Stadium is a launching pad but Da Cell is too, I think Kenny should seriously look at bringing him in.
Now the 3B position is solidified with the acquisition of Mark Teahen & pretty much kills the chances of Kenny goin after Chone Figgins. What about the DH position??? Kenny says that decision probably won’t be made til much later in the offseason, I personally think we should bring JD back for DH(get over it man, he’s not coming back) lol but it looks like Kenny might be leaning towards bringing back Big Jim(something that i am AGAINST) leave the Thome era in the past & move on. Also other people are saying that he’s leaning towards bringing this guy in:
The newly crowned World Series MVP Hideki Matsui AKA Godzilla, he batted .274, 28 Homers & 90 RBI….IN A INJURY PLAGUED SEASON!!! and he was LIGHTS OUT in the postseason. I could see him being a valuable DH & smashing balls right out of Da Cell. I hope this is more than a rumor & Kenny is actually tryna get this done but only time will tell.
Now the Sox starting rotation for the first time in a LONG time is set already with Peavy, Buerhle, Floyd & Danks or the “Fantastic Four” as I like to call them. Also Sweaty Freddy will be a solid 5th guy but the real question marks come from the Sox bullpen. Who will be the Sox closer in 2010???? Jenks or Thornton??? to me its a no brainer, JENKS!. Sure his fastball aint 100 mph no more but 97 aint that damn bad either lol teams across the majors are desperate for a solid closer, only like 5 teams have a lights out guy& the Sox are one of them. I like Matt Thornton’s development but I think Bobby is still that dude & by keeping Matt as the setup guy it will no doubt make us stronger. It also will make Kenny’s job easier, if you get rid of Bobby, you gotta make Matt the closer & find a new setup guy & 7th inning guy. You trying to tell me that Scott Linesuck can be a setup man??? No way in hell. So message to Kenny: KEEP THE BIG BOY!
My last message goes as follows: DANKS SIGN THEM DAMN PAPERS!!!!! Last year Johnny Danks turned down a $55 MILLION CONTRACT!!!! I need him to get good money before Spring Training so this isnt a distraction all season, we don’t nee that.
So things are moving quickly in Soxville only time will tell what other moves are made but I will stay on top of it right here at White Sox Real Talk…until next time…PEACE!!



Wuz good world & welcome to the final edition of White Sox Real Talk for the 2009 season. Well how can i describe this season in one word??? Pathetic would be the word I would use. This team never adapted and identity, they were up & down all year. One game they look phenomenal & then the next they look like a little league team. In this edition I’m going to break down the highs & lows of this team, how the future looks, & who’s coming back & who’s not, so lets get started:
Now before you laugh keep in mind that I’m trying to keep it positive lol There actually were a couple highlights this season, one being early in the season when JD & Paulie hit their 300th Homers back to back at Comerica Park in Detroit.Also the rise of Gordon Beckham was something that was very pleasant to watch & something that I predicted in my Spring Training reports(you think im lying then go back & read it in the archive) Those were all good but the biggest highlight happened in July when Mark Buerhle became perfect
buehrle that's g (gatorade).jpg
That was one of the best moments I have ever witnessed since being a Sox fan. I just remember thinking the whole game “Could this actually happen?” The pain I felt when I thought he blew it & of course the jubilation after the now infamous “catch” by Dewayne Wise.
And also the excitement after he got the last out…..

You gotta give Kenny Williams credit despite all the garbage baseball that was played he still brought in big names Jake Peavy & Alex Rios & filling in a gap we needed in center field & in the starting rotation.

Next year in my opinion we will have one of the top 2 rotations in the AL. Just think of it, Peavy, Buerhle, Danks & Floyd & with Freddy as #5. And as bad as Alex Rios has been since he got here you gotta keep in mind that he has had a down year period & I feel with a full spring training with us he will be back to All-Star form.
I personally believe that we are witnessing the end of an era on the southside & might be watching the last of Scotty Pods & sadly my favorite baseball player Jermaine Dye in a White Sox uniform. You gotta give props to Pods for coming back & having the impact that he did on this team & becoming a huge candidate for comeback player of the year. He had a “Renaissance Year” but I do feel that the Sox won’t bring him back, can you really depend on him another year or was this just a flash in the pan?? Jermaine Dye has not been the same man that he was the 1st half of this season & all his Sox career, he has been batting like .190 with only 4 RBI since the all-star break & ever since Rios came over i feel like he’s turned his back on this team. I hope I’m wrong but I think Kenny will not be bringing them back.

All in all this has been a very, very disappointing season for my favorite team but with a Great Manager, the best GM in baseball, a rotation with 4 studs, young talent of Gordon Beckham, Chris Getz & Alexei Ramirez, & of course vets like Paulie & A..J. most likely to come back, I think 2010 will be very magical & might be like what happened 5 years ago. Keep ya head up White Sox Nation better times are mos def around the corner…
Until next time PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OK where the hell have these White Sox been???? lol I mean Seriously if we would’ve played like this on that damn road trip we wouldn’t be 7 games out right now. I mean this game was done in the 3rd inning, the runs started producing in the 2nd when Mark Kotsay finally got off the snide & hit a 2 run blast to right field. Then in the 3rd the Sox put up a 5 spot on Paul Byrd(or as Steve Stone called him, Kelsey Grammar lol). Every White Sox player that started got a hit & they then feasted on the Red Sox bullpen & eventually winning 12-2. Of course tho my evening was ruined anyway because those damn Tigers held off a Rays rally in Tampa Bay to win 4-3 & keep us 7 games back. But I really can’t get that mad because we have no one to blame but ourselves by going 3-8 in that 11 game road trip. Now we just gotta hope we get on a roll & that the Tigers hit a bump in the road. The Tigers have been pretty consistent the whole season so hopefully that wall isn’t far away lol. Now hopefully a lil home cooking will get the Sox to stir a nice winning streak like the one we had in late June, early July where we won 8 in a row. The only hope i can cling to right now is that we can be somewhere between 3-5 games of Detroit before the start of our 3 game series in late September at Da Cell. Hopefully that could setup a Division deciding series at Comerica Park in da D the 1st week of October.But maybe I’m just dreaming…..Maybe I’m just talking about stuff that isn’t realistic for this team, I dunno. What I do know is that this thing isn’t over until its over, I’ve seen weirder stuff happen in baseball, just gotta take it one game at a time, thats all we can do & hope the chips fall in place for us. The thing that keeps me from predicting a Southside comeback is these two things. One we are thee WORST defensive team in the American League & Secondly the bullpen. Pena, Dotel & Scott Linesuck have been HORRIBLE the last couple of weeks. The only reliable arm beside Bobby Jenks is Matt Thornton & you can’t keep throwing him out there everyday. But with all that being said…anything can happen with September baseball so we’ll see.
Aw yea also congrats to Freddy Garcia for picking up his 1st win since his comeback to the Sox, he has been looking real good with his last 2 starts hopefully he can continue to look good.
-Jake Peavy is still day to day with his elbow injury & Kenny says as long as we are still in the race that he will try to comeback this season. I wouldn’t get our hopes up tho….
Until next time yall this White Sox Real Talk…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world & welcome to a farewell edition of White Sox Real Talk..Today I will pay tribute to two of the most classiest players to ever put on a White Sox uniform, Jim Thome & Jose Contreras. When I heard dis news last night I can’t really say I was shocked or upset. I was partial about it cuz I know it was time for them to go but at the same time these are guys who will definitively be missed. Now drumroll please for the tribute……………….
Now when we first got this guy I can’t lie that I wasn’t too happy because I was a huge Aaron Rowand fan but I knew he could help us, and boy did he. He always had a clutch homer, I remember his 500th home run against the Angels back in 2007. It was memorable because it was also a walk-off & it was one of the few highlights in a very bad season. But who can forget this……………………..
His VERY clutch home run against the Twins in the memorable Blackout game. I remember watching that game at home super nervous & when he hit that homer, I jumped up in pure joy. He was a very classy guy & fun to watch while he was here, I wish him the best & hope he gets his ring in Mannywood.

Man who can forget Jose Contreras’s performance in the 2nd half of the 2005 season…LIGHTS OUT. He was simply phenomenal in the postseason going undefeated in all his starts. What was so so weird about Jose’s time here was he could be sooooo lights out one start & soooo horrible the next. Despite his horrible year with us this year you gotta respect how he came back from that injury last year.

Gotta respect him for that, cuz he didn’t have to come back. He could’ve just retired but he didnt. All in all these were guys who made great contributions to this organization but it was necessary to get rid of these guys. Wish em well tho



Yo wats good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in with a quick update on Jake Peavy & the news is not good, just when you thought this week wasn’t gonna get any worse…it just did. Jake only pitched 3 1/3 innings tonight in his rehab start, throwing 65 pitches, giving up 2 runs (all earned) but was pulled because he felt tightness again in the elbow where he was hit by a line drive on Monday. Peavy was trying to throw 80-100 pitches but couldn’t & his Sox debut next week is looking cloudy once again. I will blog again once I get more info, hopefully its better news…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in for the 1st time in two weeks, I have been doing Sox blogs for but I decided to start posting back here too, didn’t want to disappoint my fellow MLBloggers, so lets get to it. Well what can I say about this team lol MANNNN they are just horrible. Thats really the best word I can think of right now to describe them, they are currently 1-5 on this brutal 11 game roadie. What has really been the problem not only in this trip but the season period is bad defense, a 3-man rotation, & bad,bad,bad offense. There is no excuse for a lineup that includes power hitters such as Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, Jim Thome, Alex Rios & Carlos Quentin to be struggling to score runs. Defensively i think this has been the worst team I have seen in all my years of being a Sox fan. They had more errors than hits today, UNACCEPTABLE. I’m not even gonna do a a recap about the game cuz I don’t wanna have a heart attack, I’m only 20 dammit lol but here is my solution
Right now we are at a crossroad, down 5 games in the division, playing the worst we have played all season & the schedule getting shorter & shorter as the days pass. We can either say “Hey we can’t play much worse than this & just start having fun & play baseball” Not paying attention to the scoreboards cuz it really doesn’t matter what Detroit  or Minnesota is doing cuz if we don’t win games we not going anywhere regardless. Ozzie agreed with me as you can see how frustrated he is with his postgame comments:

I’m embarrassed, and everybody in that room should be embarrassed,” Guillen said. “If they’re not embarrassed, they got the wrong job or they’re stealing money from baseball.

“I feel like I’m stealing money from Jerry, and that’s a shame. When you have more errors than hits, you better look yourself in the mirror and second-guess yourself. I’m second-guessing myself right now, making the wrong lineup every day. I watched Little League this morning … they were playing better than we did. At least it was more fun. This is not major-league baseball, sorry.” If they don’t feel the way I feel right now, they’re full of [expletive],” Guillen continued. “There’s no doubt in my mind we’re better than this. But you get to a point where it is what it is. And my hope is getting less and less. It’s a long mountain, and the mountain is getting higher and higher every night. And if we’re going to climb to the top, maybe they need a cable car to get up there. But they’re not going to walk up there.

“I’m not a loser or a negative guy, but I’m real realistic. That’s my problem in the past when I’m so realistic and people get mad at me and they don’t like the way I do stuff or the way I talk. Well, if you don’t want me to talk that way, [expletive] play better. I couldn’t have said it any better than our manager lol Now part of me wants to think that if we return home down 1-5 games in the division & Peavy coming back that we could win the division. But then the other part is telling me that this season is over, I can just look at the looks in these guys face’s & they just look like mentally they already on vacation. Jermaine Dye is batting .193 with 3 RBI SINCE ALL-STAR BREAK!!!, & Alex Rios is quickly becoming our version of Milton Bradley, too much money & no production. All that matters now is winning games, but if the ship is gonna sink, I’m gonna sink with it as a loyal fan. Until Next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!
sadfan.jpg (I feel this lil guys pain lol)



Wow how can I describe this game lol Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in after a much needed White Sox win in Seattle. Let me just start off by saying if we would have lost this game I would’ve been able to sleep better after a open-heart surgery with no anesthesia than after losing this lol. John Danks was phenomenal pitching a whole 8 innings and giving up only one run in the 4th off a Russell Branyan RBI single. After that he didn’t have a blemish striking out 7.
What was so agonizing about watching this game was the Sox weren’t able to get anything going offensively. But the comeback came in the 9th when former White Sox David Aardsma came in to get his 28th save of the season & almost gave up a lead-off homer to Paulie but a great catch by Franklin Guiterrez saved a homer. After that Aardsma walked A.J., gave up a base hit to Carlos & then the Cuban Missle Alexei Ramirez blasted a ball to left field to give the Sox a 3-1 lead.
I jumped out my chair after this homer & a huge sigh of relief came across me & then the best part was when Bobby Jenks came in & got the save despite all the Kidney Stone problems. Detroit lost to Boston for the 2nd straight night & Sox cut the division lead down to 2 games with the win.
Alex Rios arrived in Seattle today & joined his new White Sox teammates, was not in the lineup tonight but is scheduled to start tomorrow. Now on the radio I heard that Jermaine Dye was a lil skeptical about this move saying “This is exciting but I am really confused about it” I just hope this doesn’t start any animosity on this ballclub especially in the thick of the pennant race. Worry about off season stuff in the off season let’s buckle down & win this division because if this works out & we get in the postseason we can get something going & maybe have another parade in October. Tomorrow night Buerhle will try to get back on track going against King Felix so until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in after a interesting day in Soxville. The day started off with Mr.Kenny Williams making yet ANOTHER big move by aquiring Toronto Blue Jays Outfielder Alex Rios.
I can’t really say that this acquisition was a “shocker” because I have been reporting this story over the weekend with my past blogs. But the one shocking thing about this is that we got him & gave up NOTHING yea not a thing. These kind of waiver deals usually go down 2% of the time but that just shows the genius of Kenny Williams & what is even more impressive to me is that our owner Jerry Reinsdorf is co-signing all these moves that cost a lot of money. That shows me that he is a owner who really cares about winning. The only question mark about this move is how does he fit with this team this year? Well according to Ozzie its going to be a platoon situation for the whole outfield. This also has implications for next year like does this impact the Sox keeping JD, Big Jim or Scotty Pods????
Now this is a very interesting scenario that Kenny Williams will have to address in the offseason. After what this man has done this season by acquiring not only Rios but Jake freaking Peavy lol these are in-season moves, these are moves that you usually see from a team like the Yankees in the offseason, So I’m not gon question what he has planned as far as JD, Pods, & Thome for next year. Now I personally hope that the Sox say goodbye to Jim Thome move JD to DH, and put Rios in RF, & keep Pods in center. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Thome fan but if I have to say goodbye to him to keep my favorite baseball player Jermaine Dye in town I will do that. So with all this going on I almost forgot that there was a game to play.So the game finally got played at 9(I hate west coast time because it throws me off, they know I can’t go to sleep without finding out how my Sox did lol) So the start was so late that I had to stay up to watch. Gavin Floyd was on the mound & was doing well until the 4th when he put runners on 2nd & 3rd with 2 outs & then Ken Griffey Jr. hit a 2 RBI single to make it a 2-0 mariners lead.
Sox came right back though in the top of the 5th as Ramon Castro hit a clutch 2 RBI double to tie the game at 2. But unfortunately  for us Gavin Floyd couldn’t continue his hot streak.
After the 4th he continued  to struggle as he let Ichiro give the Mariners the lead again at 3-2, Carlos Quentin bailed him out in the bottom of the 5th with a 2 RBI double that gave the Sox the 4-3 lead but Carlos buried his self & the team in the 6th as he gave up a 2 out homer to Russel Branyan that tied the game but then gave the game away as he gave up a 2-Run bomb to Kenji Johjima that gave the Mariners a 6-4 lead that would not relinquish.
Tigers lost which made it even more frustrating because we blew an opportunity to gain some ground in this division, But Johnny Danks will be on the bump tonight as we NEED him to go at least, at leasts 7 innings because this bullpen is coming in wayyy to early the last couple days and not putting us in a good situation. Danks will be going against Doug Fister who is making his 1st major league start, you know how the Sox play against first timers smh lol but until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after a very dissapointing series against the really bad Cleveland Indians. Coming into this series the Sox were looking real good taking 3 outta 4 from the AL’s two best teams the Yankees & Angels and on paper looked like they could sweep the Cleveland Indians. Well let’s just say the Tribe had other ideas who came in trying to win their 3rd straight series against the AL Central’s top dogs. This past week the Indians took 2 outta 3 from not only us but the Tigers & Twins. The game started off with extremely hot temperatures at 91 degrrees & 55% humidity as you can see.
The White Sox started off on the right foot when A.J. hit his 12th homer of the season to start a 3 run inning in the 2nd to give the Sox an early 3-0 lead. Jose Contreras was on the mound looking to get back on the right track after his last 2 inning disappointing start last tuesday against LA. He was doing good cruising right along until the 5th inning came around,
That’s when trouble hit as he allowed 2 hits then walked a third & loaded the bases with no outs. The Indians put up a 4 spot in that inning highlighted by a 2 RBI single by Jamie Carroll which gave them the lead and they would not look back. Tony Pena then came in looking to keep it a 1 run lead but unlike his previous outings this week things didn’t go so well. He gave up another one then in the 7th struggling Scott Linebrink gave up a homer to Jamie Carroll to make it a 6-3 Tribe lead.
Sox tried to make a comeback in the bottom of the 7th when Alexei lead off with his 12 homer of the year but it was 1,2,3 after that and Kerry Wood eventually closed it out in the 9th to give the Indians a series win. To top it all off Detroit won 8-7 against Minnesota to extend their division lead to 3 games as they will get ready to head to Fenway for 4 games against the reeling Boston Red Sox(hopefully our eastside brethren can bail us out).
Now the reason I have this pic up is because everytime I think of the West Coast I always think of two of my favorite artists Tupac & Snoop lol but anyway the Sox get ready to head back on the road & try to right the ship with 3 games against a Mariners team who is fighting for a wild card spot(they are 5.5 games out)  & also to Oakland(another place where we traditionally never played well) to play the Pathetics lol. Here is the pitching preview for the Mariners series.
Gavin Floyd(9-6 3.91 ERA)
Lucas French(2-2 3.93 ERA)
Sidenotes:Gavin will look to win his 10th game of the season and continue his 8 game streak of quality starts but he is 1-2 with a 7.15 ERA(4 total starts) lifetime against the Seattle Mariners. On the other side Lucas French will make his Mariner debut after getting traded by the Tigers.
John Danks(9-8 4.23 ERA)
Doug Fishter(0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Sidenotes: Johnny Danks will look to bounce back from his effort on Thursday where he gave up 6 runs in 7 innings.
Mark Buerhle(11-6 3.89 ERA)
Felix Hernandez(12-4 2.84 ERA)
Sidenotes: Buerhls will look to FINALLY get back on the winning side of things as he hasn’t looked the same since the 5th inning in Minnesota two weeks ago, while on the other side Seattle’s King Felix will continue his great season and try to get his 13th win of the season.
-With Jose Contreras struggling again & fat boy Colon missing again former WS hero Freddy Garcia might be coming to the rescue. While Ozzie said that he doubt’s that he will but that Freddy has been pitching great. The Sox won’t need the a 5th starter until the 18th at home against the Royals so we have some time before we find out.
-Still no news on the Alex Rios rumor but we will know for a fact on Tuesday whether on not the Sox claimed him.
-And last but certainly not least Jake Peavy had another successful bullpen session yesterday & will make his 1st minor league rehab start on Thursday and some people are saying that he could be starting as early as Aug.23rd, I hope so Hurry up Jake we REALLY need you buddy!! Until next time yall this White Sox Real Talk signing off PEACE!!!!!!!!!!