Has Jose Contreras got his mojo back?? that is the question of the evening…Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after another White Sox victory. Last night the Sox gave up a 2-0 lead in the 7th and gave up 7 straight runs to lose 7-2 & drop to 6.5 games under Tigers. That almost tempted me to write a breakup da squad blog but I held back lol. Today the Sox hopped on the Brew Crew early when they scored 6 runs in the 2nd inning off Manny Parra. It started when Gordon Beckham hit his first RBI’s of his career when he ripped off a double that scored 2 runs, then Jayson Nix scored two to make it 4-0. Paulie showed no signs of a injury when he scored 2 on a double to make it 6-0.Then Ramon Castro hit his 1st HR of the season to make it a 7-0 lead. Jose Contreras continued his hot streak since being called up going 7 innnings with giving no runs and struck out 8, in fact the Brewers only threatned once when they had bases loaded with 2 outs but after a very brief convo with Ozzie Jose got out the jam with a popup to 1st. So Sox win & Tigers also lost so that cut the deficit to just 5.5 games. I enjoyed the win but we seriously need to get a streak going again if we don’t want Kenny to breakup the team and let the youth movement OFFICIALLY begin.
Cuz believe me he will because he doesnt care about the media, perception, or feelings all he cares about is this:
Putting another WS ring on his & his players fingers, thats ALL he cares about. If that does happen & the Sox can’t get their act together than there are a few people who Kenny might get rid of. Those guys are Paulie, JD, Big Jim & I’ve even heard Bobby Jenks(if they trade Bobby by the way, there isnt a word in the dictionary to describe how pissed i would be.) So we will see what the record is looking like by All-Star break will we be in contention or will it be time for the crew that brought the Southside title #3 in 2005 time to breakup??? only the Sox players can decide that…until next time yall PEACE!!!

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