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Dear Bobby…How can I say this…….you’r messing up buddy. We had a perfectly winnable game last night & you blew it. Since the beginning of the season there have been rumors that the Sox should trade you because you were losing some of your stuff, I didnt wanna believe it then & I still don’t wanna believe it now. But you may be proving your doubters right as of now, out of your 22 saves only 10 have been 1,2,3. In the month of July you have a ERA of 9.00,  and have given up 10 hits, 7 runs & 5 walks also 6 of those runs were earned. Now I’m not gon put the whole blame on you because we also blew a bases loaded oppurtunity in the 7th with only 1 out & got no runs BUT you’ve gotta fix this man, because we can’t win this division without you, I am writing this letter to encourage you to get back in it, I still have faith in you my dude & I still have memories of when you burst into the scene with your amazing performance in the 2005 world series. Maybe this video will inspire you to get back to your winning ways
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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in with a special blog on the newly released White Sox Memories DVD on the complete history on my favorite team. What word can I use to describe this DVD…..WOW. Thats really the only word that i can use to describe this DVD. I mean it went way further than my expectations. It covers EVERYTHING from the 2 Championships in 1906 & 1917 all the way to the tie breaker game last year against the Twins. One chapter that i really enjoyed was the section on the Black Sox scandal, I liked this because it really shined light on the whole situation for me. I had always known about the lil parts of it with “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and the gang but i never knew the whole situation and it really showed that besides Game 1 the Sox actually tried to win that series. It then talks about the Bill Veeck Era.
This part of the DVD shed some light on the former White Sox owner & talked about how he brought the excitement to Comiskey Field with his off field entertainment. Putting together events like fireworks, lightup score board & different themed days at the ball park which eventually lead to things like 70’s day that happen at Da Cell today. It brought me back a lil bit to when i was a shorty going to my first Sox game with my pops and how i used to enjoy hopping into the water chamber in center field where u would pull a string and the water would fall on my head during a hot game. That invention was also coined by Bill Veeck. After that they go into the Jerry Reinsdorf era and starts breaking down all the great division teams of ’83 & ’93 and even show the HR that was hit by Bo Jackson to clinch the ’93 AL West division title.
Then it went into great detail about how the greatest one-two punch in Sox history was put together and of course I’m talking about Batman & Robin, Frank Thomas & Robin Ventura.
They talked about how they lead the youth movement of ’93 that lead to the AL West title. It then goes all the way up to the ’05 title & it really made you appreciated that championship even more by showing what the White Sox greats did to lead up to that. What made it even more of a great DVD was it had documentary style interviews from fromer Sox GM Roland Hemond, former players like Billy Pierce, Robin Ventura, Frank Thomas, Owner Jerry Reinsdorf, Bo Jackson, Actor & die-hard Sox fan Michael Clark Duncan & even former members of the ’05 team like Aaron Rowand, Jon Garland & Willie Harris. The Bonus clips were great too showing Jim Thome’s Walk-off 500th HR, all of the Sox postesaon clinchers from 93 to 08 and the last outs from all of the White Sox’s no-hitters. It  even has a great summary on The Big Hurt’s career. All in all it was a GREAT DVD and one i am glad i checked out, if you’re a die-hard Sox fan & bleed Black & White like me it is a definite must have. UNTIL NEXT TIME YALL PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!