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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in after my Sox avoid a 4 game sweep at the hands of the Tigers. Basically everything that happened in this game happened in the 1st inning lol The Sox pounced on Adam Porcello right out the gate on a failed double play attempt that gave us the early 2-0 lead then with Thome on 1st base Paulie hit his 20th homer of the season to give us a 4-0 lead(Paulie has yet to have a cold streak this is VERY good) then the youngest Gun Gordon Beckham followed a couple batters later with his 4th homer of the season to make it 5-0.
What can I say about this kid here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lol I mean he is a tough code to crack, one day he is HORRIBLE the next he is fantatstic, in his two starts this week he has pitched a combined 16 innings(two 8 inning outings for you dummies lol) and has given up a combined 2 runs. Now the main question is has Clayton really turned the corner for good or his he just pitching well because he knows his job is on the line????? I don’ know but his showings have definitely made this 5th starter debacle even bigger, should the Sox ride his hot hand & put Colon in the pen or let Colon pitch & throw Clayton in the pen????? I don’t know the answers to these questions but it also poses the question “Could Clayton’s dominance put us in the Halladay race???” Could he be the bait that reels in the AL’s best pitcher to the Southside??
The funniest image of the night was when ESPN showed Kenny WIlliams in the press box on his laptop with headphones on lol two questions came to mind….1 was what the hell is Kenny listening to???? & 2nd what GM is he having a convo with on AIM lmao!!! cuz you know he just wasn’t chillin with his Itunes playlist blasting lol thats not Kenny Williams. Now I’m happy that we won but still nervous because we head to the dreaded dome tommorow night. Last time we were thee before the breake we blew the 1st game, barely won the 2nd & Buerhle got thrashed in the finale. Weird things happen in that dome & even though the Twins have been playing horrible as of late they would like nothing more than to come home to a frenzied crowd & feast on some White Sox.
Johnny Danks returns to the rotation tommorow & just at the right time, he will be followed by Mark Buerhle & Bartolo Colon. If we don’t play well we are gonna be looking at a very dark road with the Yankees & Angels coming to our hous this weekend. Pennant Race is defintley in full swing until next time tho this is White Sox Real Talk PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in after a THRILLER at da Cell between the Rays & my beloved White Sox. Action picked up in the 3rd inning when the game was tied at 1. That’s when Paulie Konerko struck again &  hit his 18th homer of the season to give the Sox a 4-1 lead.
In the very next inning All-Star game MVP Carl Crawford hit a in-the-park home run when he hit a ball deep into center field & Scotty Pods thought the ball was out the park but it really was in & rolled off his foot into right field as Crawford just flew to home plate to cut into the lead 4-2.
In the 6th the Rays made things even more interesting as Evan Longoria blasted his 19th long ball of the year to cut into the Sox’s lead a lil more 4-3. Gavin Floyd pitched 7 innings of 3 hit baseball(all of which were homers) and look pretty decent depending on 9 days without throwing  a pitch. Now after the Longoria homer the Sox played some good D that lead to the W.
The biggest play of the game happened in the 8th when Matt Thornton came in with runners on 1st & 2nd with 1out. That’s when Jason Bartlett tried to steal third & A.J. threw him out & got his 2nd runner of the game(he threw out Crawford earlier) that was important because on the very next pitch Thornton gave up a base hit that would’ve scored the tying run if A.J. hadn’t had made that play. Thronton then got the 3rd & final out of the inning, so Bobby Jenks came in the 9th to try to get the save, he looked unhittable the first two batters striking out Carlos Pena &  Ben Zobrist BUT then things got risky as Jenks walked Pat Burrell, Willy Aybar singled then Gabe Gross was walked. So the bases were loaded for Bobby with 2 outs & the tying run 90 feet away but Mr.Jenks did not fold as he struck out Jason Bartlett to get his 22nd save of the season & a White Sox winner. There was even more good news as the Tigers were idle tonight & we closed the divison gap to just one game
Sox fans got the news they have been waiting to hear for the last two months…CARLOS QUENTIN IS BACK! he was called up today & Brian Anderson was sent down to make roster space for him. I personally was shocked because I was sure DWise was gonna be the odd man out but i guess not. Carlos had a base hit & also ran the bases pretty good in his 1st game back. This is huge for us because even if he is only 75% thats still great because he still changes our whole lineup. Its like aquiring someone through a trade & defitnely the boost we needed for this 2nd half Pennant Push.
Now the Sox got this tough stretch of 5 series on the right foot tongiht but we weill defintley know real soon how good we really are & how good are chances are of winning not just the division but possibly the AL Pennant. The schedule makers obviously aren’t Sox fans cuz the next 5 series(including the one we are in now) are BRUTAL. Not only do we have 3 more games against the Rays this week but after that we will be heading to Detroit for 4 & Minnesota for 3 in a VERY VERY important road trip, then we come home & things don’t get any easier as we will be welcoming in the Bronx Bombers & the Angels. So with all this being said by the end of the month we will be either in the race still or very damaged heading to August. That’s all for me tonight tho, tommorow all eyes will be on Clayton Richard to see if he will pitch well & preseve his place in the Sox starting rotation, until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in after a pretty entertaining HR derby at Da Cell last night. The game started off with Mark Buerhle on the mound trying to win his 9th game of the season. Grady Sizemore kicked it off early with his 1st of 2 homers of the night for a 1-0 Indians lead. In the 2nd Paulie hit his 1st HR of 3 to tie it at 1. Buerhle struggled a lil bit to give up 2 more runs and a 3-1 lead. Then the Sox offense woke up after 2 singles by Alexei & JD then a walk sent Jim Thome to 1st to load the bases for Paulie.
Thats when Paulie struck…AGAIN to hit a grand slam to left field to give the White Sox a 5-3 lead and his 2nd homer of the evening. Then the aerial show continued in the 7th inning when Alexei Ramirez continued his hot streak by hitting a 2-run homer his 11th of the season to make it a 7-3 lead.
Then Paulie struck….AGAIN in the seventh as he hit home run number 3 of the night!!! to make it a 10-3 lead and basically sealed the game for the Southsiders.
So the Sox went on to win 10-6 and start off this quick homestand on the right foot.
Now once again there is another rumor about an Ace joining the Sox pitching rotation. Now some reports are saying that Kenny is trying to bring Roy Halladay to the Southside. Now with all that being said I don’t believe it, first off Halladay has a no-trade clause & you know that Toronto is goin to want alot including this man:
Now I really like Halladay and all that good stuff but I’m not trading Bacon for a 32 year old pitcher…just aint happening. Especially the way he has been swinging the bat he is gonna be a stud real soon. Now there are also reports that their will NOT be any big name trades for the Sox due to the economy & the slumping attendance at Sox games. According to Kenny Williams that would be the reason why no deals get made, but we will see. Until next time yall…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!



Has Jose Contreras got his mojo back?? that is the question of the evening…Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after another White Sox victory. Last night the Sox gave up a 2-0 lead in the 7th and gave up 7 straight runs to lose 7-2 & drop to 6.5 games under Tigers. That almost tempted me to write a breakup da squad blog but I held back lol. Today the Sox hopped on the Brew Crew early when they scored 6 runs in the 2nd inning off Manny Parra. It started when Gordon Beckham hit his first RBI’s of his career when he ripped off a double that scored 2 runs, then Jayson Nix scored two to make it 4-0. Paulie showed no signs of a injury when he scored 2 on a double to make it 6-0.Then Ramon Castro hit his 1st HR of the season to make it a 7-0 lead. Jose Contreras continued his hot streak since being called up going 7 innnings with giving no runs and struck out 8, in fact the Brewers only threatned once when they had bases loaded with 2 outs but after a very brief convo with Ozzie Jose got out the jam with a popup to 1st. So Sox win & Tigers also lost so that cut the deficit to just 5.5 games. I enjoyed the win but we seriously need to get a streak going again if we don’t want Kenny to breakup the team and let the youth movement OFFICIALLY begin.
Cuz believe me he will because he doesnt care about the media, perception, or feelings all he cares about is this:
Putting another WS ring on his & his players fingers, thats ALL he cares about. If that does happen & the Sox can’t get their act together than there are a few people who Kenny might get rid of. Those guys are Paulie, JD, Big Jim & I’ve even heard Bobby Jenks(if they trade Bobby by the way, there isnt a word in the dictionary to describe how pissed i would be.) So we will see what the record is looking like by All-Star break will we be in contention or will it be time for the crew that brought the Southside title #3 in 2005 time to breakup??? only the Sox players can decide that…until next time yall PEACE!!!