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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in after a pretty entertaining HR derby at Da Cell last night. The game started off with Mark Buerhle on the mound trying to win his 9th game of the season. Grady Sizemore kicked it off early with his 1st of 2 homers of the night for a 1-0 Indians lead. In the 2nd Paulie hit his 1st HR of 3 to tie it at 1. Buerhle struggled a lil bit to give up 2 more runs and a 3-1 lead. Then the Sox offense woke up after 2 singles by Alexei & JD then a walk sent Jim Thome to 1st to load the bases for Paulie.
Thats when Paulie struck…AGAIN to hit a grand slam to left field to give the White Sox a 5-3 lead and his 2nd homer of the evening. Then the aerial show continued in the 7th inning when Alexei Ramirez continued his hot streak by hitting a 2-run homer his 11th of the season to make it a 7-3 lead.
Then Paulie struck….AGAIN in the seventh as he hit home run number 3 of the night!!! to make it a 10-3 lead and basically sealed the game for the Southsiders.
So the Sox went on to win 10-6 and start off this quick homestand on the right foot.
Now once again there is another rumor about an Ace joining the Sox pitching rotation. Now some reports are saying that Kenny is trying to bring Roy Halladay to the Southside. Now with all that being said I don’t believe it, first off Halladay has a no-trade clause & you know that Toronto is goin to want alot including this man:
Now I really like Halladay and all that good stuff but I’m not trading Bacon for a 32 year old pitcher…just aint happening. Especially the way he has been swinging the bat he is gonna be a stud real soon. Now there are also reports that their will NOT be any big name trades for the Sox due to the economy & the slumping attendance at Sox games. According to Kenny Williams that would be the reason why no deals get made, but we will see. Until next time yall…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!