Wuz good world & welcome to the final edition of White Sox Real Talk for the 2009 season. Well how can i describe this season in one word??? Pathetic would be the word I would use. This team never adapted and identity, they were up & down all year. One game they look phenomenal & then the next they look like a little league team. In this edition I’m going to break down the highs & lows of this team, how the future looks, & who’s coming back & who’s not, so lets get started:
Now before you laugh keep in mind that I’m trying to keep it positive lol There actually were a couple highlights this season, one being early in the season when JD & Paulie hit their 300th Homers back to back at Comerica Park in Detroit.Also the rise of Gordon Beckham was something that was very pleasant to watch & something that I predicted in my Spring Training reports(you think im lying then go back & read it in the archive) Those were all good but the biggest highlight happened in July when Mark Buerhle became perfect
buehrle that's g (gatorade).jpg
That was one of the best moments I have ever witnessed since being a Sox fan. I just remember thinking the whole game “Could this actually happen?” The pain I felt when I thought he blew it & of course the jubilation after the now infamous “catch” by Dewayne Wise.
And also the excitement after he got the last out…..

You gotta give Kenny Williams credit despite all the garbage baseball that was played he still brought in big names Jake Peavy & Alex Rios & filling in a gap we needed in center field & in the starting rotation.

Next year in my opinion we will have one of the top 2 rotations in the AL. Just think of it, Peavy, Buerhle, Danks & Floyd & with Freddy as #5. And as bad as Alex Rios has been since he got here you gotta keep in mind that he has had a down year period & I feel with a full spring training with us he will be back to All-Star form.
I personally believe that we are witnessing the end of an era on the southside & might be watching the last of Scotty Pods & sadly my favorite baseball player Jermaine Dye in a White Sox uniform. You gotta give props to Pods for coming back & having the impact that he did on this team & becoming a huge candidate for comeback player of the year. He had a “Renaissance Year” but I do feel that the Sox won’t bring him back, can you really depend on him another year or was this just a flash in the pan?? Jermaine Dye has not been the same man that he was the 1st half of this season & all his Sox career, he has been batting like .190 with only 4 RBI since the all-star break & ever since Rios came over i feel like he’s turned his back on this team. I hope I’m wrong but I think Kenny will not be bringing them back.

All in all this has been a very, very disappointing season for my favorite team but with a Great Manager, the best GM in baseball, a rotation with 4 studs, young talent of Gordon Beckham, Chris Getz & Alexei Ramirez, & of course vets like Paulie & A..J. most likely to come back, I think 2010 will be very magical & might be like what happened 5 years ago. Keep ya head up White Sox Nation better times are mos def around the corner…
Until next time PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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