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Wuz good world & welcome to a farewell edition of White Sox Real Talk..Today I will pay tribute to two of the most classiest players to ever put on a White Sox uniform, Jim Thome & Jose Contreras. When I heard dis news last night I can’t really say I was shocked or upset. I was partial about it cuz I know it was time for them to go but at the same time these are guys who will definitively be missed. Now drumroll please for the tribute……………….
Now when we first got this guy I can’t lie that I wasn’t too happy because I was a huge Aaron Rowand fan but I knew he could help us, and boy did he. He always had a clutch homer, I remember his 500th home run against the Angels back in 2007. It was memorable because it was also a walk-off & it was one of the few highlights in a very bad season. But who can forget this……………………..
His VERY clutch home run against the Twins in the memorable Blackout game. I remember watching that game at home super nervous & when he hit that homer, I jumped up in pure joy. He was a very classy guy & fun to watch while he was here, I wish him the best & hope he gets his ring in Mannywood.

Man who can forget Jose Contreras’s performance in the 2nd half of the 2005 season…LIGHTS OUT. He was simply phenomenal in the postseason going undefeated in all his starts. What was so so weird about Jose’s time here was he could be sooooo lights out one start & soooo horrible the next. Despite his horrible year with us this year you gotta respect how he came back from that injury last year.

Gotta respect him for that, cuz he didn’t have to come back. He could’ve just retired but he didnt. All in all these were guys who made great contributions to this organization but it was necessary to get rid of these guys. Wish em well tho



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in for the 1st time in two weeks, I have been doing Sox blogs for chicitysports.com but I decided to start posting back here too, didn’t want to disappoint my fellow MLBloggers, so lets get to it. Well what can I say about this team lol MANNNN they are just horrible. Thats really the best word I can think of right now to describe them, they are currently 1-5 on this brutal 11 game roadie. What has really been the problem not only in this trip but the season period is bad defense, a 3-man rotation, & bad,bad,bad offense. There is no excuse for a lineup that includes power hitters such as Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, Jim Thome, Alex Rios & Carlos Quentin to be struggling to score runs. Defensively i think this has been the worst team I have seen in all my years of being a Sox fan. They had more errors than hits today, UNACCEPTABLE. I’m not even gonna do a a recap about the game cuz I don’t wanna have a heart attack, I’m only 20 dammit lol but here is my solution
Right now we are at a crossroad, down 5 games in the division, playing the worst we have played all season & the schedule getting shorter & shorter as the days pass. We can either say “Hey we can’t play much worse than this & just start having fun & play baseball” Not paying attention to the scoreboards cuz it really doesn’t matter what Detroit  or Minnesota is doing cuz if we don’t win games we not going anywhere regardless. Ozzie agreed with me as you can see how frustrated he is with his postgame comments:

I’m embarrassed, and everybody in that room should be embarrassed,” Guillen said. “If they’re not embarrassed, they got the wrong job or they’re stealing money from baseball.

“I feel like I’m stealing money from Jerry, and that’s a shame. When you have more errors than hits, you better look yourself in the mirror and second-guess yourself. I’m second-guessing myself right now, making the wrong lineup every day. I watched Little League this morning … they were playing better than we did. At least it was more fun. This is not major-league baseball, sorry.” If they don’t feel the way I feel right now, they’re full of [expletive],” Guillen continued. “There’s no doubt in my mind we’re better than this. But you get to a point where it is what it is. And my hope is getting less and less. It’s a long mountain, and the mountain is getting higher and higher every night. And if we’re going to climb to the top, maybe they need a cable car to get up there. But they’re not going to walk up there.

“I’m not a loser or a negative guy, but I’m real realistic. That’s my problem in the past when I’m so realistic and people get mad at me and they don’t like the way I do stuff or the way I talk. Well, if you don’t want me to talk that way, [expletive] play better. I couldn’t have said it any better than our manager lol Now part of me wants to think that if we return home down 1-5 games in the division & Peavy coming back that we could win the division. But then the other part is telling me that this season is over, I can just look at the looks in these guys face’s & they just look like mentally they already on vacation. Jermaine Dye is batting .193 with 3 RBI SINCE ALL-STAR BREAK!!!, & Alex Rios is quickly becoming our version of Milton Bradley, too much money & no production. All that matters now is winning games, but if the ship is gonna sink, I’m gonna sink with it as a loyal fan. Until Next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!
sadfan.jpg (I feel this lil guys pain lol)



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after a very dissapointing series against the really bad Cleveland Indians. Coming into this series the Sox were looking real good taking 3 outta 4 from the AL’s two best teams the Yankees & Angels and on paper looked like they could sweep the Cleveland Indians. Well let’s just say the Tribe had other ideas who came in trying to win their 3rd straight series against the AL Central’s top dogs. This past week the Indians took 2 outta 3 from not only us but the Tigers & Twins. The game started off with extremely hot temperatures at 91 degrrees & 55% humidity as you can see.
The White Sox started off on the right foot when A.J. hit his 12th homer of the season to start a 3 run inning in the 2nd to give the Sox an early 3-0 lead. Jose Contreras was on the mound looking to get back on the right track after his last 2 inning disappointing start last tuesday against LA. He was doing good cruising right along until the 5th inning came around,
That’s when trouble hit as he allowed 2 hits then walked a third & loaded the bases with no outs. The Indians put up a 4 spot in that inning highlighted by a 2 RBI single by Jamie Carroll which gave them the lead and they would not look back. Tony Pena then came in looking to keep it a 1 run lead but unlike his previous outings this week things didn’t go so well. He gave up another one then in the 7th struggling Scott Linebrink gave up a homer to Jamie Carroll to make it a 6-3 Tribe lead.
Sox tried to make a comeback in the bottom of the 7th when Alexei lead off with his 12 homer of the year but it was 1,2,3 after that and Kerry Wood eventually closed it out in the 9th to give the Indians a series win. To top it all off Detroit won 8-7 against Minnesota to extend their division lead to 3 games as they will get ready to head to Fenway for 4 games against the reeling Boston Red Sox(hopefully our eastside brethren can bail us out).
Now the reason I have this pic up is because everytime I think of the West Coast I always think of two of my favorite artists Tupac & Snoop lol but anyway the Sox get ready to head back on the road & try to right the ship with 3 games against a Mariners team who is fighting for a wild card spot(they are 5.5 games out)  & also to Oakland(another place where we traditionally never played well) to play the Pathetics lol. Here is the pitching preview for the Mariners series.
Gavin Floyd(9-6 3.91 ERA)
Lucas French(2-2 3.93 ERA)
Sidenotes:Gavin will look to win his 10th game of the season and continue his 8 game streak of quality starts but he is 1-2 with a 7.15 ERA(4 total starts) lifetime against the Seattle Mariners. On the other side Lucas French will make his Mariner debut after getting traded by the Tigers.
John Danks(9-8 4.23 ERA)
Doug Fishter(0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Sidenotes: Johnny Danks will look to bounce back from his effort on Thursday where he gave up 6 runs in 7 innings.
Mark Buerhle(11-6 3.89 ERA)
Felix Hernandez(12-4 2.84 ERA)
Sidenotes: Buerhls will look to FINALLY get back on the winning side of things as he hasn’t looked the same since the 5th inning in Minnesota two weeks ago, while on the other side Seattle’s King Felix will continue his great season and try to get his 13th win of the season.
-With Jose Contreras struggling again & fat boy Colon missing again former WS hero Freddy Garcia might be coming to the rescue. While Ozzie said that he doubt’s that he will but that Freddy has been pitching great. The Sox won’t need the a 5th starter until the 18th at home against the Royals so we have some time before we find out.
-Still no news on the Alex Rios rumor but we will know for a fact on Tuesday whether on not the Sox claimed him.
-And last but certainly not least Jake Peavy had another successful bullpen session yesterday & will make his 1st minor league rehab start on Thursday and some people are saying that he could be starting as early as Aug.23rd, I hope so Hurry up Jake we REALLY need you buddy!! Until next time yall this White Sox Real Talk signing off PEACE!!!!!!!!!!





Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after yet another exciting White Sox walk-off winner over the Angels. The game started off with Jerry Reinsdorf starting the pre-game salute to Mark Buerhle to begin the “Mark Buerhle Appreciation Series” as he gave some nice framed pics to Buerhls & D-Wise.
So after that nice ceremony it was time for baseball & Bacon got it going in a very great way with his 6th homer of the season to give the Sox an early 1-0 lead. In the very next inning Carlos Quentin homered to give us a 2-0 lead. Then that’s where it got messy.
Jose continued his “Walk-a-thon” in the 3rd inning as he walked 3 batters & gave up 1 run on a wild pitch & 2 more runs on a single by Bobby Abreu to give up the lead 3-2. That’s when Ozzie decided it was time for Jose to see the shower as he took him out with only 2 & a third innings pitched  with 66 pitches thrown. This has been a HUGE problem for Jose lately & one that quickly needs to be fixed. Really it should have been a 5-0 W because of the fact that the Angels scored all 4 of their runs of walks. So in the 5th the Sox tied the game off a sac fly to make it 3-3. That didnt last long as Bobby Abreu drove in the go ahead run in the next inning off a Sac Fly.
After a 2 Out double by Pods, Gordon Beckham striked AGAIN with a RBI single that tied the game at 4. The bullpen did a solid job as the combination of Carrasco, Randy Williams, Pena, Thornton & Dotel combined to only allow 1 run and held the game at 4 until the ninth. Thats when Pods delivered again, Jayson Nix got it started with a 2 Out double to put the winning run in scoring position.
Thats when Pods blasted a a hit to give the White Sox a 5-4 win and cutting the Tigers divison lead to 1 game as they got hammered by the O’s 8-2(so much for Washburn lol)
Alexei Ramirez sat out again with his ankle injury but should return this weekend against the Indians.
-Bobby Jenks is going to have a procedure done to get rid of his Kidney Stones, its expected to be an Out Patient procedure but will miss a couple games to recover. GET WELL BIG FELLA!!
-Gordon Beckham won the AL’s Rookie Of The Month Award for July(Just a precursor until he wins the AL Rookie Of The Year Award)
Tomorrow night the Sox will hope for another solid performance from Gavin Floyd as he will take the mound against the Angel’s 3-0 rightie Sean O’Sullivan Until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in with a blog wrapping up the 1st series of the 2nd half & also to preview the next series against the Rays. So coming into this game the Sox were looking to sweep the 0’s after taking the first two games of the series. The Orioles got on the board early with a Sox mistake off Jose Contrera’s wild pitch, this became the general theme of the game but I’ll get into that later. Sox tied the game up in the 3rd inning as Dewayne Wise boosted his horrible .198 batting average up to the .200’s with his first home run of the season.
Then things got messy as the game moved to the 5th inning as Jose Contreras gave up the tie on a bases loaded wild pitch, but that was just the tip of the iceberg as Ozzie went to the bullpen and brought out Aaron Poreda who was yet to give up a run in his appearances. That streak quickly came to an end as he gave up 2 runs on back to back walks to make it a 4-1 Orioles lead.
So Ozzie went to the pen AGAIN to bring in D.J. Carrasco, things didn’t get any better as he walked in a run then gave up a RBI single to Gregg Zaun to make it a 5-1 lead. Then another run came in on a double play fielder’s choice to make it a 5 run inning and a 6-1 O’s lead. The Sox tried to get something going in the 7th as Chris Getz hit his 2nd Homer of the season to make it a 6-2 game but the Sox couldnt muster anything else it was 1,2,3 after that. Then Greg Zaun officially close the door with a 3 run homer that gave them the 10-2 win.
The only good news of the day was that the Detroit Tigers also lost as the Yankees completed the sweep, The Tigers get tommorow off before heading home to play the Seattle Mariners who are in a tight battle for the AL West crown while my Sox get ready for a 4-game set with Tampa Bay.
Now the Sox have already faced the Rays this season as they took 2 out of 3 & really should’ve swept them back in April. That was then…this is now, The Rays are now in a heated battle for the AL Wildcard and are gonna need these games just as bad as we do.
Gavin Floyd(7-6 4.44 ERA)
David Price(3-3 4.70 ERA)

Clayton Richard(3-3 5.42 ERA)
Jeff Nieamann(8-4 3.73 ERA)

John Danks(8-6 3.98 ERA)
James Shields(6-6 3.75 ERA)

Mark Buerhle(10-3 3.52 ERA)
Scott Kazmir(4-5 6.62 ERA)
Now on paper it looks like a pretty even pitching matchup but I will give us the slight edge because of the struggles that Scott Kazmir & David Price have had and all of our starters in this series with the exception of Clayton have been pretty solid. Now all eyes will be on Mr.Clayton Richard on Tuesday as it potentially could be his last start of the season if he fails and Bartolo Colon continues to pitch well in the minors & is called up as expected this week.

Just when you thought that Colon was the only option in the 5th starter role now there is word coming up that World Series hero Freddy Garcia will be pitching a bullpen session for Don Cooper tommorow and could be an option if he does well. Now I’m not expecting Freddy to be lights out like he used to be but my question is does Freddy have enough in him to give us 5 to 6 innings of work the next half just enough to get us over the hump???? that is a question that i would love to find out, aw yea before i close up is that there is a new rumor that Kenny might be trying to trade for Felix Pie…don’t know about that one lol but until next time yall…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking back in after a 2nd straight tough loss by my Sox. After blowing a 5-1 run lead with 2 outs in the 8th inning last night at the hands of the Cubs, The Sox arrived at Great American Ballpark in Cincinatti looking to take a W away from the Reds. Jose Contreras found his self back on the bump after giving up only 1 run in his last two starts. The Night started off well when Chris Getz hit his first Major League HR off Bronson Arroyo to give the Sox an early 2-0 lead. The Reds threaten in the next inning but the rally was killed by a great play by Alexei Ramirez when he threw out one of the Reds with a bare-handed throw to first.
great play.jpg
Just when things looked like they were going the Sox way, the old Jose Contereas showed up when he gave up a 2-Run bomb to right field off the bat of Brandon Philips as the Reds took a 3-1 lead.
brandon p.jpg
Sox then continued to get their bats silenced by Bronson Arroyo as he wouldn’t give up another run the rest of his outing. The Reds then added an insurance run in the bottom of the 8th to extend their lead to 4-2, a lead that they would not relinqush. Despite a solo jack by Paulie in the 9th Cordero shut the door on that comeback as the Reds won 4-3. All in all it was a pretty bad night for my beloved Sox as their offense consisted of a single, a double, & 2 HRs. Not that bad of an outing by Jose but just poor, poor offense. This just continues with my belief that htis team is just too Inconsistent to win back to back AL Central division titles. If one game the pitching is good then the offense isn’t etc. Just makes no sense and barring a comeback by Milwaukee tonight it looks like the Sox will be back to 5 games behind in the central. Hopefully we can get back on the winning side of things with Clayton Richard on the bump tommorow night. We will still need of a streak of 6 or 7 games before i get excited. Until next time yall…PEACE!!



Has Jose Contreras got his mojo back?? that is the question of the evening…Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after another White Sox victory. Last night the Sox gave up a 2-0 lead in the 7th and gave up 7 straight runs to lose 7-2 & drop to 6.5 games under Tigers. That almost tempted me to write a breakup da squad blog but I held back lol. Today the Sox hopped on the Brew Crew early when they scored 6 runs in the 2nd inning off Manny Parra. It started when Gordon Beckham hit his first RBI’s of his career when he ripped off a double that scored 2 runs, then Jayson Nix scored two to make it 4-0. Paulie showed no signs of a injury when he scored 2 on a double to make it 6-0.Then Ramon Castro hit his 1st HR of the season to make it a 7-0 lead. Jose Contreras continued his hot streak since being called up going 7 innnings with giving no runs and struck out 8, in fact the Brewers only threatned once when they had bases loaded with 2 outs but after a very brief convo with Ozzie Jose got out the jam with a popup to 1st. So Sox win & Tigers also lost so that cut the deficit to just 5.5 games. I enjoyed the win but we seriously need to get a streak going again if we don’t want Kenny to breakup the team and let the youth movement OFFICIALLY begin.
Cuz believe me he will because he doesnt care about the media, perception, or feelings all he cares about is this:
Putting another WS ring on his & his players fingers, thats ALL he cares about. If that does happen & the Sox can’t get their act together than there are a few people who Kenny might get rid of. Those guys are Paulie, JD, Big Jim & I’ve even heard Bobby Jenks(if they trade Bobby by the way, there isnt a word in the dictionary to describe how pissed i would be.) So we will see what the record is looking like by All-Star break will we be in contention or will it be time for the crew that brought the Southside title #3 in 2005 time to breakup??? only the Sox players can decide that…until next time yall PEACE!!!