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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in after a interesting day in Soxville. The day started off with Mr.Kenny Williams making yet ANOTHER big move by aquiring Toronto Blue Jays Outfielder Alex Rios.
I can’t really say that this acquisition was a “shocker” because I have been reporting this story over the weekend with my past blogs. But the one shocking thing about this is that we got him & gave up NOTHING yea not a thing. These kind of waiver deals usually go down 2% of the time but that just shows the genius of Kenny Williams & what is even more impressive to me is that our owner Jerry Reinsdorf is co-signing all these moves that cost a lot of money. That shows me that he is a owner who really cares about winning. The only question mark about this move is how does he fit with this team this year? Well according to Ozzie its going to be a platoon situation for the whole outfield. This also has implications for next year like does this impact the Sox keeping JD, Big Jim or Scotty Pods????
Now this is a very interesting scenario that Kenny Williams will have to address in the offseason. After what this man has done this season by acquiring not only Rios but Jake freaking Peavy lol these are in-season moves, these are moves that you usually see from a team like the Yankees in the offseason, So I’m not gon question what he has planned as far as JD, Pods, & Thome for next year. Now I personally hope that the Sox say goodbye to Jim Thome move JD to DH, and put Rios in RF, & keep Pods in center. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Thome fan but if I have to say goodbye to him to keep my favorite baseball player Jermaine Dye in town I will do that. So with all this going on I almost forgot that there was a game to play.So the game finally got played at 9(I hate west coast time because it throws me off, they know I can’t go to sleep without finding out how my Sox did lol) So the start was so late that I had to stay up to watch. Gavin Floyd was on the mound & was doing well until the 4th when he put runners on 2nd & 3rd with 2 outs & then Ken Griffey Jr. hit a 2 RBI single to make it a 2-0 mariners lead.
Sox came right back though in the top of the 5th as Ramon Castro hit a clutch 2 RBI double to tie the game at 2. But unfortunately  for us Gavin Floyd couldn’t continue his hot streak.
After the 4th he continued  to struggle as he let Ichiro give the Mariners the lead again at 3-2, Carlos Quentin bailed him out in the bottom of the 5th with a 2 RBI double that gave the Sox the 4-3 lead but Carlos buried his self & the team in the 6th as he gave up a 2 out homer to Russel Branyan that tied the game but then gave the game away as he gave up a 2-Run bomb to Kenji Johjima that gave the Mariners a 6-4 lead that would not relinquish.
Tigers lost which made it even more frustrating because we blew an opportunity to gain some ground in this division, But Johnny Danks will be on the bump tonight as we NEED him to go at least, at leasts 7 innings because this bullpen is coming in wayyy to early the last couple days and not putting us in a good situation. Danks will be going against Doug Fister who is making his 1st major league start, you know how the Sox play against first timers smh lol but until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



WOW what a difference 48 hours makes…..Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in with a blog after a VERY VERY VERY disappointing 3 games against the Detroit Tigers. Yesterday after a perfect game from Mark Buerhle the White Sox got swept in the doubleheader to kick off the series. Today was definitely a must win, Gavin Floyd started today & gave up 2 runs early but was LIGHTS OUT after that going 6 more innings & giving up NO RUNS & looking fantastic.
Then A.J. started his very hot night (where he went 4 for 4) in the 2nd he got the White Sox 1st run with his 12 homer of the season.
Then in the 5th the Sox’s youngest guns Chris Getz & Gordon Beckham struck as Beckham scored Getz to tie the game at 2. Then our MVP of the season so far Scotty Pods gave us the lead with an RBI single. So fast foward to the 8th Bobby Jenks after blowing his last save comes in to get a 4 out save and cut the division lead back to 1 game. It started off well as he got Jose Guillen out with runners on the corners, then he gets the 1st out in the 9th but thats when it went all downhill as he gave up back to back hits and had runners on the corners with 1 out, so he then got Miguel Cabera to pop out then Bad Bobby showed up again……….
on a 2-2 count Curtis Granderson score the tying run on a JUST FAIR line drive to right field. Bobby then got the last out but the questions surrounding him will be even louder now as he blows his 4th save of the season, his 2nd in the last week.
Now after this happened I knew we were destined to lose this game and boy was I right. After Fernando Rodney shut us down in top of the 10th, D.J. Carrasco came out the pen & gave up the winning run on a bloop RBI single by Carlos Guillen.
Now we have dropped 3 in a row and are back to 3 games behind in the AL Central. That leads us to tommorow under the bright lights on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball where we will have to have another great outing from Clayton Richard(don’t know how realstic that is tho) and at least get one win before heading to hell on monday AKA The Metrodome. Now with the trading deadline approaching will Bobby Jenks be on the trading block???? will Halliday save the day if he comes in a trade???? will the back end of the bullpen get better??? will the White Sox offense wake up???? there are a lot more questions than answers on the Southside…..things are looking pretty bleak, But until next time I’m White Sox Real Talk….PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wuz good world this is White Sox Real Talk im sorry i havent wrote a blog since friday but its been a very dissapointing weekend for me. First the Sox blow 2 HUGE oppurtunites to regain 1st place on Friday & Saturday then I had to take the long route home on Saturday because the Chicago Police shot someone in my neighborhood and the streets were blocked off(but thats a story for another day). Anyway things looked MUCH BETTER on Sunday as not only did my Bears beat the Eagles 24-20 but MY WHITE SOX STAYED ALIVE WITH A 5-1 VICTORY OVER THE INDIANS. So now that takes us into today:

It will be Tigers and White Sox and basically the playoffs began for us yestserday cuz from here on out its WIN OR GO HOME!!!. Its really very simple we win tonight then we host the Twins in a AL Central Divison Title game tomorrow evening(AND IF THAT GAME HAPPENS TOMMOROW I WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WATCH THE SOX KICK THE **** OUT THE TWINS) OR we lose and Season is over and I’ll begin my mourning for about 2 days then get ready to root against the Cubs on Wensday lol. I hope the White Sox can carry the momemtum over from yesterday into todays game because if they think that a Jim Leyland Baseball Club is just gon roll over cuz they have nothing to play for, then you better think again. AND GUESS WHO’S ON THE MOUND FOR THE TIGERS TODAY?????? OUR OLD FRIEND FREDDY GARCIA. Freddy is DEFINTELY going to pitch hard today as he is tryna keep a spot on the Tigers for next year. I know Detroit is going to come to play  because lets  go back to Spring Training and EVERYBODY EVEN ME thought they were going to the World Series after they aquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. But thats the funny thing about baseball you never know whats gonna happen as the Tigers have the worst record in the AL Central. So they would love nothing more but to end the White Sox season today. So thats my analysis if i don’t write another blog this evening that means that we lost lol. So hopefully I’ll be back at the Good ‘Ol Laptop this evening. GO SOX!!!! DO U BELIVE IN MIRACLES????