Wuz good world & welcome to a farewell edition of White Sox Real Talk..Today I will pay tribute to two of the most classiest players to ever put on a White Sox uniform, Jim Thome & Jose Contreras. When I heard dis news last night I can’t really say I was shocked or upset. I was partial about it cuz I know it was time for them to go but at the same time these are guys who will definitively be missed. Now drumroll please for the tribute……………….
Now when we first got this guy I can’t lie that I wasn’t too happy because I was a huge Aaron Rowand fan but I knew he could help us, and boy did he. He always had a clutch homer, I remember his 500th home run against the Angels back in 2007. It was memorable because it was also a walk-off & it was one of the few highlights in a very bad season. But who can forget this……………………..
His VERY clutch home run against the Twins in the memorable Blackout game. I remember watching that game at home super nervous & when he hit that homer, I jumped up in pure joy. He was a very classy guy & fun to watch while he was here, I wish him the best & hope he gets his ring in Mannywood.

Man who can forget Jose Contreras’s performance in the 2nd half of the 2005 season…LIGHTS OUT. He was simply phenomenal in the postseason going undefeated in all his starts. What was so so weird about Jose’s time here was he could be sooooo lights out one start & soooo horrible the next. Despite his horrible year with us this year you gotta respect how he came back from that injury last year.

Gotta respect him for that, cuz he didn’t have to come back. He could’ve just retired but he didnt. All in all these were guys who made great contributions to this organization but it was necessary to get rid of these guys. Wish em well tho

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