So as the dust settles from the World Series & the Yankees celebrate their 27th title, the city of New York is goin crazy while one man is plotting. That one man is a guy who waits on NO ONE, that one man tasted World Series success in 2005 & is foaming at the mouth for another one, that one man likes to tell everyone not associated with him to “stay out of White Sox business” that one man is….Kenny Williams.
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It wasn’t even 24 hours since the World Series came to a close that he made some noise on the offseason front. Early yesterday morning news broke out that Kenny had traded Chris Getz & Josh Fields to KC for Mark Teahen. The next 24 hours there were a lot of questions & confusion as to whether or not the deal had got done, but it was confirmed just over an hour ago that Teahen is now on the Southside.
This trade is a little confusing to me for a couple reasons, one is I don’t really see how this makes us “better” to me i think we are actually the same with or without Teahen, he’s a good hitter with a decent on base percentage but he strikes out a LOT. It also doesn’t make sense because of the fact that Kenny said we were gonna go back to playing “Ozzieball” but yet we trade of the players that can play that type of ball. I’m not gon question Kenny because he knows what he’s doing & with Kenny its never what it seems. One deal always leads to another one. So who knows where this is gon lead, Kenny says that Teahen will move back to his natural position at 3rd base & that Beckham will move to second. Another move that makes absolutely no sense to me, why move Bacon to 2nd when you can put Alexei back at 2nd & move Gordon to his natural position at shortstop. Either way it was a “decent” trade that I think will work IF other moves are mad. I wish Chris Getz all the best in KC & I hope he develops into the great player I think he can become & to Josh Fields I have two words for you……….KICK ROCKS, that is all.
Now on to the news of the day that I wished didn’t happen & that is the Sox buying out JD’s contract & making him a free agent. I knew this was gonna happen months ago but I was hoping that it wouldn’t. By buying JD out he has 2 options, either signing with another team or signing a new deal with the Sox that would be worth less money. The second option is likely not gonna happen, I understand that JD is getting older & had a horrible second half of the season but I still think there is a place for him here. He could go back in forth from DH & right field but i think Kenny is not gonna let that happen. I would like to thank JD for being a class act & for being one of the main reasons we won the World Series. He was & still is my favorite baseball player & I hope he makes Kenny regret this move wherever he goes(just not against us lol)
Well it looks like its that time to say our final goodbyes to Scotty Pods. Pods made his return to the Southside in May & had a great season & became a candidate for Comeback Player Of The Year. According to Kenny this morning all talks with Pods are basically dead. Pods wants too much money. I’m not upset bout this move because I believe this season was just a “Renaissance” year & nothing more, but I also wish Pods all the best.
The one move that was overshadowed was the re-signing of Mark Kotsay. I feel that was good move due to the fact that he his a great utility player.
As I look at the White Sox roster the main question marks are the outfield, DH & bullpen. Lets start with the outfield, who is gonna play CF & RF??? is Alex Rios gonna play CF or RF?? will they bring somebody in to play RF OR CF??? maybe Johnny Damon?
Its looking like the Yankees more than likely won’t bring Damon back to the Bronx, this could be an opening for the Sox. Sure he’s getting up there a little bit in age but he made some CLUTCH plays in the whole postseason(especially the World Series), now has 2 world championships, can play the outfield well & he batted .282, 24 HR & 82 RBI this year. We all know the new Yankee Stadium is a launching pad but Da Cell is too, I think Kenny should seriously look at bringing him in.
Now the 3B position is solidified with the acquisition of Mark Teahen & pretty much kills the chances of Kenny goin after Chone Figgins. What about the DH position??? Kenny says that decision probably won’t be made til much later in the offseason, I personally think we should bring JD back for DH(get over it man, he’s not coming back) lol but it looks like Kenny might be leaning towards bringing back Big Jim(something that i am AGAINST) leave the Thome era in the past & move on. Also other people are saying that he’s leaning towards bringing this guy in:
The newly crowned World Series MVP Hideki Matsui AKA Godzilla, he batted .274, 28 Homers & 90 RBI….IN A INJURY PLAGUED SEASON!!! and he was LIGHTS OUT in the postseason. I could see him being a valuable DH & smashing balls right out of Da Cell. I hope this is more than a rumor & Kenny is actually tryna get this done but only time will tell.
Now the Sox starting rotation for the first time in a LONG time is set already with Peavy, Buerhle, Floyd & Danks or the “Fantastic Four” as I like to call them. Also Sweaty Freddy will be a solid 5th guy but the real question marks come from the Sox bullpen. Who will be the Sox closer in 2010???? Jenks or Thornton??? to me its a no brainer, JENKS!. Sure his fastball aint 100 mph no more but 97 aint that damn bad either lol teams across the majors are desperate for a solid closer, only like 5 teams have a lights out guy& the Sox are one of them. I like Matt Thornton’s development but I think Bobby is still that dude & by keeping Matt as the setup guy it will no doubt make us stronger. It also will make Kenny’s job easier, if you get rid of Bobby, you gotta make Matt the closer & find a new setup guy & 7th inning guy. You trying to tell me that Scott Linesuck can be a setup man??? No way in hell. So message to Kenny: KEEP THE BIG BOY!
My last message goes as follows: DANKS SIGN THEM DAMN PAPERS!!!!! Last year Johnny Danks turned down a $55 MILLION CONTRACT!!!! I need him to get good money before Spring Training so this isnt a distraction all season, we don’t nee that.
So things are moving quickly in Soxville only time will tell what other moves are made but I will stay on top of it right here at White Sox Real Talk…until next time…PEACE!!

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