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OK where the hell have these White Sox been???? lol I mean Seriously if we would’ve played like this on that damn road trip we wouldn’t be 7 games out right now. I mean this game was done in the 3rd inning, the runs started producing in the 2nd when Mark Kotsay finally got off the snide & hit a 2 run blast to right field. Then in the 3rd the Sox put up a 5 spot on Paul Byrd(or as Steve Stone called him, Kelsey Grammar lol). Every White Sox player that started got a hit & they then feasted on the Red Sox bullpen & eventually winning 12-2. Of course tho my evening was ruined anyway because those damn Tigers held off a Rays rally in Tampa Bay to win 4-3 & keep us 7 games back. But I really can’t get that mad because we have no one to blame but ourselves by going 3-8 in that 11 game road trip. Now we just gotta hope we get on a roll & that the Tigers hit a bump in the road. The Tigers have been pretty consistent the whole season so hopefully that wall isn’t far away lol. Now hopefully a lil home cooking will get the Sox to stir a nice winning streak like the one we had in late June, early July where we won 8 in a row. The only hope i can cling to right now is that we can be somewhere between 3-5 games of Detroit before the start of our 3 game series in late September at Da Cell. Hopefully that could setup a Division deciding series at Comerica Park in da D the 1st week of October.But maybe I’m just dreaming…..Maybe I’m just talking about stuff that isn’t realistic for this team, I dunno. What I do know is that this thing isn’t over until its over, I’ve seen weirder stuff happen in baseball, just gotta take it one game at a time, thats all we can do & hope the chips fall in place for us. The thing that keeps me from predicting a Southside comeback is these two things. One we are thee WORST defensive team in the American League & Secondly the bullpen. Pena, Dotel & Scott Linesuck have been HORRIBLE the last couple of weeks. The only reliable arm beside Bobby Jenks is Matt Thornton & you can’t keep throwing him out there everyday. But with all that being said…anything can happen with September baseball so we’ll see.
Aw yea also congrats to Freddy Garcia for picking up his 1st win since his comeback to the Sox, he has been looking real good with his last 2 starts hopefully he can continue to look good.
-Jake Peavy is still day to day with his elbow injury & Kenny says as long as we are still in the race that he will try to comeback this season. I wouldn’t get our hopes up tho….
Until next time yall this White Sox Real Talk…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after a very dissapointing series against the really bad Cleveland Indians. Coming into this series the Sox were looking real good taking 3 outta 4 from the AL’s two best teams the Yankees & Angels and on paper looked like they could sweep the Cleveland Indians. Well let’s just say the Tribe had other ideas who came in trying to win their 3rd straight series against the AL Central’s top dogs. This past week the Indians took 2 outta 3 from not only us but the Tigers & Twins. The game started off with extremely hot temperatures at 91 degrrees & 55% humidity as you can see.
The White Sox started off on the right foot when A.J. hit his 12th homer of the season to start a 3 run inning in the 2nd to give the Sox an early 3-0 lead. Jose Contreras was on the mound looking to get back on the right track after his last 2 inning disappointing start last tuesday against LA. He was doing good cruising right along until the 5th inning came around,
That’s when trouble hit as he allowed 2 hits then walked a third & loaded the bases with no outs. The Indians put up a 4 spot in that inning highlighted by a 2 RBI single by Jamie Carroll which gave them the lead and they would not look back. Tony Pena then came in looking to keep it a 1 run lead but unlike his previous outings this week things didn’t go so well. He gave up another one then in the 7th struggling Scott Linebrink gave up a homer to Jamie Carroll to make it a 6-3 Tribe lead.
Sox tried to make a comeback in the bottom of the 7th when Alexei lead off with his 12 homer of the year but it was 1,2,3 after that and Kerry Wood eventually closed it out in the 9th to give the Indians a series win. To top it all off Detroit won 8-7 against Minnesota to extend their division lead to 3 games as they will get ready to head to Fenway for 4 games against the reeling Boston Red Sox(hopefully our eastside brethren can bail us out).
Now the reason I have this pic up is because everytime I think of the West Coast I always think of two of my favorite artists Tupac & Snoop lol but anyway the Sox get ready to head back on the road & try to right the ship with 3 games against a Mariners team who is fighting for a wild card spot(they are 5.5 games out)  & also to Oakland(another place where we traditionally never played well) to play the Pathetics lol. Here is the pitching preview for the Mariners series.
Gavin Floyd(9-6 3.91 ERA)
Lucas French(2-2 3.93 ERA)
Sidenotes:Gavin will look to win his 10th game of the season and continue his 8 game streak of quality starts but he is 1-2 with a 7.15 ERA(4 total starts) lifetime against the Seattle Mariners. On the other side Lucas French will make his Mariner debut after getting traded by the Tigers.
John Danks(9-8 4.23 ERA)
Doug Fishter(0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Sidenotes: Johnny Danks will look to bounce back from his effort on Thursday where he gave up 6 runs in 7 innings.
Mark Buerhle(11-6 3.89 ERA)
Felix Hernandez(12-4 2.84 ERA)
Sidenotes: Buerhls will look to FINALLY get back on the winning side of things as he hasn’t looked the same since the 5th inning in Minnesota two weeks ago, while on the other side Seattle’s King Felix will continue his great season and try to get his 13th win of the season.
-With Jose Contreras struggling again & fat boy Colon missing again former WS hero Freddy Garcia might be coming to the rescue. While Ozzie said that he doubt’s that he will but that Freddy has been pitching great. The Sox won’t need the a 5th starter until the 18th at home against the Royals so we have some time before we find out.
-Still no news on the Alex Rios rumor but we will know for a fact on Tuesday whether on not the Sox claimed him.
-And last but certainly not least Jake Peavy had another successful bullpen session yesterday & will make his 1st minor league rehab start on Thursday and some people are saying that he could be starting as early as Aug.23rd, I hope so Hurry up Jake we REALLY need you buddy!! Until next time yall this White Sox Real Talk signing off PEACE!!!!!!!!!!




Wuz good world this is White Sox Real Talk im sorry i havent wrote a blog since friday but its been a very dissapointing weekend for me. First the Sox blow 2 HUGE oppurtunites to regain 1st place on Friday & Saturday then I had to take the long route home on Saturday because the Chicago Police shot someone in my neighborhood and the streets were blocked off(but thats a story for another day). Anyway things looked MUCH BETTER on Sunday as not only did my Bears beat the Eagles 24-20 but MY WHITE SOX STAYED ALIVE WITH A 5-1 VICTORY OVER THE INDIANS. So now that takes us into today:

It will be Tigers and White Sox and basically the playoffs began for us yestserday cuz from here on out its WIN OR GO HOME!!!. Its really very simple we win tonight then we host the Twins in a AL Central Divison Title game tomorrow evening(AND IF THAT GAME HAPPENS TOMMOROW I WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WATCH THE SOX KICK THE **** OUT THE TWINS) OR we lose and Season is over and I’ll begin my mourning for about 2 days then get ready to root against the Cubs on Wensday lol. I hope the White Sox can carry the momemtum over from yesterday into todays game because if they think that a Jim Leyland Baseball Club is just gon roll over cuz they have nothing to play for, then you better think again. AND GUESS WHO’S ON THE MOUND FOR THE TIGERS TODAY?????? OUR OLD FRIEND FREDDY GARCIA. Freddy is DEFINTELY going to pitch hard today as he is tryna keep a spot on the Tigers for next year. I know Detroit is going to come to play  because lets  go back to Spring Training and EVERYBODY EVEN ME thought they were going to the World Series after they aquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. But thats the funny thing about baseball you never know whats gonna happen as the Tigers have the worst record in the AL Central. So they would love nothing more but to end the White Sox season today. So thats my analysis if i don’t write another blog this evening that means that we lost lol. So hopefully I’ll be back at the Good ‘Ol Laptop this evening. GO SOX!!!! DO U BELIVE IN MIRACLES????