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Wow how can I describe this game lol Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in after a much needed White Sox win in Seattle. Let me just start off by saying if we would have lost this game I would’ve been able to sleep better after a open-heart surgery with no anesthesia than after losing this lol. John Danks was phenomenal pitching a whole 8 innings and giving up only one run in the 4th off a Russell Branyan RBI single. After that he didn’t have a blemish striking out 7.
What was so agonizing about watching this game was the Sox weren’t able to get anything going offensively. But the comeback came in the 9th when former White Sox David Aardsma came in to get his 28th save of the season & almost gave up a lead-off homer to Paulie but a great catch by Franklin Guiterrez saved a homer. After that Aardsma walked A.J., gave up a base hit to Carlos & then the Cuban Missle Alexei Ramirez blasted a ball to left field to give the Sox a 3-1 lead.
I jumped out my chair after this homer & a huge sigh of relief came across me & then the best part was when Bobby Jenks came in & got the save despite all the Kidney Stone problems. Detroit lost to Boston for the 2nd straight night & Sox cut the division lead down to 2 games with the win.
Alex Rios arrived in Seattle today & joined his new White Sox teammates, was not in the lineup tonight but is scheduled to start tomorrow. Now on the radio I heard that Jermaine Dye was a lil skeptical about this move saying “This is exciting but I am really confused about it” I just hope this doesn’t start any animosity on this ballclub especially in the thick of the pennant race. Worry about off season stuff in the off season let’s buckle down & win this division because if this works out & we get in the postseason we can get something going & maybe have another parade in October. Tomorrow night Buerhle will try to get back on track going against King Felix so until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in with a VERY, VERY dissapointing sweep at the hands of the Twins. Now I know that pic above is old but it really explains the feelings of the Sox & their fans right now. Things are as bad as they’ve been all season on the southside, we came into this game looking to avoid the sweep against the Twins rookie pitcher Brian Dueseng, he went 5 innings& gave up only 2 runs….INEXCUSEABLE!!! YOU CAN’T JUST SCORE 2 RUNS AGAINST A ROOKIE PITCHER……HAMMER THAT CLOWN!!! but NOOOOOO we make him look like an ace as he only really gave up 2 bad pitches, a homer to Nix & Carlos Quentin. Then guess what happened folks…yea thats right an error leads to a RBI single by Alexei Casilla!!!! yes the Twins player that is batting .171 on the year!!!!! and we making him look like a baseball god as he scored two of their 3 runs!!!!!
So the ninth rolls around and Nathan comes out…the Sox made it interesting with runners on 2nd & 3rd with 2 outs but same bat time, same bat channel as new White Sox Mark Kotsay lines out hard to Michael Cuddyer, in any other park that is a 2 RBI single but not in the Death Dome.
And to add salt to the already open wound Alexei Ramirez got carried off the field as he injured his ankle in the 7th inning and according to Sox beat writer Mark Gonzales Alexei was on crutches in the locker room but Ozzie said in his post game press conference that it shouldnt be as bad as it looks, I don’t know if that is true or he’s just trying to save face. Bartolo Colon is also back on the DL with some type of injury to his fat elbow!! i don’t even care anymore & also Carlos was limping after he hit his homer tonight and looks beaten down.
Now we are at the dreaded turning point in the season, after going 1-6 on their 7 game roadie they now go back home to Da Cell to face the hottest team in the AL the New York Yankees yea thats right Derek Jeter, A-Roid & Crew are coming to hunt us.There is only one good thing about this series is that its at home. I will be a game 1 but i am not looking foward to what I might see lol What makes this even worse is that Detroit will be playing the Cliff Lee-less Cleveland Indians(Lee got traded to the world champ Phillies earlier today) We gotta take at least 3 outta 4 to stay alive because if we don’t that might be the nail in the coffin. Other news in Soxville is that Josh Fields was sent down to Triple A. Until next time…Peace I’m goin to find some Alchol right now lol



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after a bounce back  victory tonight against the Rays. Since Johnny Danks was scratched from his start due to a blister injury the Sox called up right hander Carlos Torres from Triple A Charlotte to face James “Big Game” Shields(you all know my problem with his nickname lol BUT im not gonna talk about that again.
What can I say about this kid Torres???? cuz he looked GREAT 6 innings only 3 runs allowed & those came off 2 homers not hit after hit after hit lol now im not gonna proclaim him the new Cy Young just cuz he had one nice outing NO lol but could he be a 5th starter option??? i think he has earned another shot for us to see more examples of what he really is. Now for the Sox the 6th inning is when things started to turn in our favor when Scotty Pods continued his great season with a leadoff Homer to make it a 3-1 game. Just a sidenote:I laugh everytime i see Pods blast one LOL its just soo funny but ANYWAY back to regualry scheduled blog lol. 2 outs later Gordon Beckham hit a single followed by Pods reaching base off an error. Then the Cuban Missle came up & hit a 2 RBI triple over B.J. Upton’s head to tie the game.
Then after the 3rd pitching change in the 7th inning the White Sox struck again when JD came up to hit his 60th RBI to give the Sox the lead 4-3.
So things got interesting in the ninth inning once again but this time with Matt Thornton but he got the job done for a much needed White Sox winner. Since the Tigers blew it against Seattle their division lead was cut back to a game again. I’m loving how this team is playing & I’m gonna make a bold prediction that if we win the division ITS GONNA BE A PROBLEM! with a starting 4 of Buerhle,Danks,Floyd, & Contreras I’ll spar with anyone. UNTIL NEXT TIME PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!1



The Crosstown Classic is FINALLY here!!!!!!!! Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in with yall after an exciting Sox win. Now the reason I started this blog off with the statement “The Crosstown Classic is finally here” is because despite the fact that we played a series against the Cubs last week the excitement was never really there. I think the reason for that was that Sox/Cubs Round 1 Wrigley was a mid-week series and it took away a lil bit of its luster. But the excitement has been there this weekend baby, in the 1st game of this series the Cubs won(or the umpires won depending on who you talk too lol) a close game 5-4 in a thrilling game but today was the best game of the year between the two clubs. Coming into the game we were expecting a huge pitchers duel between Mark Buerhle & Ryan Dempster but what we got was a back in forth classic. The game started off early when the Sox got on top quickly with a 1-0 lead off a RBI Double by my favorite MLB player Jermaine Dye. Then Scotty Pods started off hot again(I will break down his performance later) extending the Sox lead to 2-0.
great play.jpg
 Errors was one of the mini sub plots of this game as Alexei Ramirez basically gave the Cubs 2 runs off his two errors(his  9th & 10th errors of the season by the way) Gordon Beckham also had 2 errors but he is a rookie so he get’s a pass but not Alexei he knows better. So fast foward to the 8th when Alexei redeemed his self a lil bit with his RBI single to tie the game at 7-7. Then on a 2-2 count with 2 outs and runners 1st & 2nd the rookie stepped up to the plate and won the game for my Southsiders & was mobbed at second base by his teammates.
Scotty Pods is having a one of those “Renaissance years” as Shaq likes to call it lol batting well over .300 while going 4 for 5 yesteday with a HR. He has more RBI’s than Milton Bradley who unlike Pods has been playing the whole year. All in all a great win for the Sox as they also gained some ground with the Tigers losing to Houston for the 2nd straight game. Until next time yall….PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!