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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in with a blog wrapping up the 1st series of the 2nd half & also to preview the next series against the Rays. So coming into this game the Sox were looking to sweep the 0’s after taking the first two games of the series. The Orioles got on the board early with a Sox mistake off Jose Contrera’s wild pitch, this became the general theme of the game but I’ll get into that later. Sox tied the game up in the 3rd inning as Dewayne Wise boosted his horrible .198 batting average up to the .200’s with his first home run of the season.
Then things got messy as the game moved to the 5th inning as Jose Contreras gave up the tie on a bases loaded wild pitch, but that was just the tip of the iceberg as Ozzie went to the bullpen and brought out Aaron Poreda who was yet to give up a run in his appearances. That streak quickly came to an end as he gave up 2 runs on back to back walks to make it a 4-1 Orioles lead.
So Ozzie went to the pen AGAIN to bring in D.J. Carrasco, things didn’t get any better as he walked in a run then gave up a RBI single to Gregg Zaun to make it a 5-1 lead. Then another run came in on a double play fielder’s choice to make it a 5 run inning and a 6-1 O’s lead. The Sox tried to get something going in the 7th as Chris Getz hit his 2nd Homer of the season to make it a 6-2 game but the Sox couldnt muster anything else it was 1,2,3 after that. Then Greg Zaun officially close the door with a 3 run homer that gave them the 10-2 win.
The only good news of the day was that the Detroit Tigers also lost as the Yankees completed the sweep, The Tigers get tommorow off before heading home to play the Seattle Mariners who are in a tight battle for the AL West crown while my Sox get ready for a 4-game set with Tampa Bay.
Now the Sox have already faced the Rays this season as they took 2 out of 3 & really should’ve swept them back in April. That was then…this is now, The Rays are now in a heated battle for the AL Wildcard and are gonna need these games just as bad as we do.
Gavin Floyd(7-6 4.44 ERA)
David Price(3-3 4.70 ERA)

Clayton Richard(3-3 5.42 ERA)
Jeff Nieamann(8-4 3.73 ERA)

John Danks(8-6 3.98 ERA)
James Shields(6-6 3.75 ERA)

Mark Buerhle(10-3 3.52 ERA)
Scott Kazmir(4-5 6.62 ERA)
Now on paper it looks like a pretty even pitching matchup but I will give us the slight edge because of the struggles that Scott Kazmir & David Price have had and all of our starters in this series with the exception of Clayton have been pretty solid. Now all eyes will be on Mr.Clayton Richard on Tuesday as it potentially could be his last start of the season if he fails and Bartolo Colon continues to pitch well in the minors & is called up as expected this week.

Just when you thought that Colon was the only option in the 5th starter role now there is word coming up that World Series hero Freddy Garcia will be pitching a bullpen session for Don Cooper tommorow and could be an option if he does well. Now I’m not expecting Freddy to be lights out like he used to be but my question is does Freddy have enough in him to give us 5 to 6 innings of work the next half just enough to get us over the hump???? that is a question that i would love to find out, aw yea before i close up is that there is a new rumor that Kenny might be trying to trade for Felix Pie…don’t know about that one lol but until next time yall…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!



Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin back in after a tough loss last night at the cell. The game was a knock-out, drag-out battle from beginning to end. The game started with the White Sox goin up 1-0 early. The Tigers then struck back with a 2 RBI double by Adam Everett to take a 3-1 lead, then BRIAN ANDERSON of all people hit a 2-run dinger in da 6th to tie it at 3. then things went bad in the 7th as Mark Buerhle uncharacteristicly walked two batters then Dotel comes in and does what he usually does…screw up and clears all the bases and the Tigers go up 6-3, now call me a bad fan or whatever but i thought this game was over and i turned to the Lakers/Magic game, but i was wrong. I turn back in the ninth to see Fernando Rodney on life support after walking 3 people.
Now this is when things get interesting…we’ve got the bases loaded with no outs and then JD strikes out for the first out. Paulie then comes up to the plate and hits a huge double that scores 2 runs to tie it at 6 but then Mr.Wise is told to go home by 3rd base coach Mr.Cox he was then thrown out at the plate on a very controversial call. It looked like the ump ruled he was safe but then quickly gave the out sign that was confusing. Now i personally think he was thrown out but the question i pose is did Cox send Wise because he knew Gordon Beckham or as Ozzie calls him “Gordon Bacon” lol was coming up to the plate next and he has been like 1-17 since being called up??? so of cours “Bacon” strikes out and we go to extras. At this time i knew the game was over because the Sox are one if not thee most horrible fundamental team in the majors. So the tenth inning begins and what happens?????
That happens ^^^^^^^^ Miguel Cabrera who was 0-10 in the series hits a leadoff HR off Linebrink to take a 7-6 lead and we all know what happens after that…flyout, groundball, groundball..game over Tigers win. Now that was a very tough pill to swallow as we now sit 5.5 games outta first and desperatley need a win tonight or we will be in some deep ****. I really dnt know what to say about this game except that things haven’t been goin our way just like all year it hasn’t. But we will see how they rebound tonight until next time…PEACE!!!


Wuz good world this is White Sox Real Talk im sorry i havent wrote a blog since friday but its been a very dissapointing weekend for me. First the Sox blow 2 HUGE oppurtunites to regain 1st place on Friday & Saturday then I had to take the long route home on Saturday because the Chicago Police shot someone in my neighborhood and the streets were blocked off(but thats a story for another day). Anyway things looked MUCH BETTER on Sunday as not only did my Bears beat the Eagles 24-20 but MY WHITE SOX STAYED ALIVE WITH A 5-1 VICTORY OVER THE INDIANS. So now that takes us into today:

It will be Tigers and White Sox and basically the playoffs began for us yestserday cuz from here on out its WIN OR GO HOME!!!. Its really very simple we win tonight then we host the Twins in a AL Central Divison Title game tomorrow evening(AND IF THAT GAME HAPPENS TOMMOROW I WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WATCH THE SOX KICK THE **** OUT THE TWINS) OR we lose and Season is over and I’ll begin my mourning for about 2 days then get ready to root against the Cubs on Wensday lol. I hope the White Sox can carry the momemtum over from yesterday into todays game because if they think that a Jim Leyland Baseball Club is just gon roll over cuz they have nothing to play for, then you better think again. AND GUESS WHO’S ON THE MOUND FOR THE TIGERS TODAY?????? OUR OLD FRIEND FREDDY GARCIA. Freddy is DEFINTELY going to pitch hard today as he is tryna keep a spot on the Tigers for next year. I know Detroit is going to come to play  because lets  go back to Spring Training and EVERYBODY EVEN ME thought they were going to the World Series after they aquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. But thats the funny thing about baseball you never know whats gonna happen as the Tigers have the worst record in the AL Central. So they would love nothing more but to end the White Sox season today. So thats my analysis if i don’t write another blog this evening that means that we lost lol. So hopefully I’ll be back at the Good ‘Ol Laptop this evening. GO SOX!!!! DO U BELIVE IN MIRACLES????