Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in after a VERY successful & surpising series against the New York Yankees. Now even though Mark Buerhle really struggled today & gave up 6 runs in 5 innings pitched, I’m not that upset mainly because how great Mark has been his last couple starts & also because we took 3 outta 4 in this series. Much more than what I could’ve asked for especially the way we had been playing coming into this series & how hot the Yankees have been lately. Also Detroit got destroyed by Cleveland 11-1 which even more supports my theory that the Tigers are not that good of a team. So we are still only 1.5 games out of 1st and with Alexei injured, & Peavy on the DL I love our chances to still win this divison.
I mean man this kid is UNBELIEVABLE now if you all go back & read my Spring Training reports in march I said he was gonna be special but MAN this kid has the potential to not only be an All-Star but a SUPERSTAR. Now my reasoning for that is this.. he’s only been in the majors not even a full 2 months and is batting .311 with 5 homers & 36 RBI’s also the kid is a natural shortstop but is looking pretty damn impressive at third base. This guy has become a serious Rookie of the Year candiate his only threat would be Pittsburgh’s Andrew McClutchen.
Now my confidence for this series has gotten better considering how well we just played in this past series. Here’s a look at the pitching matchups:
John Lackey(7-4 4.00 ERA)
Jose Contreras(4-10 4.80 ERA)

Sean O’Sullivan(3-0 3.75 ERA)
Gavin Floyd(8-6 4.07 ERA)

Ervin Santana(3-6 7.31 ERA)
John Danks(9-7 4.00 ERA)
Now after this series the road gets a lil less rocky for my Sox as we have a 15 game stretch against teams we should beat & some potential sweeps like Cleveland, & KC before we head to Boston & The Bronx to play the beasts of the AL East which brings me to my next topic.
New Sox pitcher Jake Peavy was introduced to the media yesterday before the Sox 14-4 rout of the Yankees & today he threw off the mound for the 1st time since the beginning of June and threw 50 pitches a look a lil good. He is still scheduled to return either in the Boston series at the end of the month or the makeup game against the Cubs on Sept.3rd but until next time yall PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!


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