Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in about to recap a GREAT day yesterday fo all of White Sox fans. Just when I doubted Kenny Williams….he pulled one of these joints lol
He came up clutch like MJ  used to do here in the Windy City, with the damn Tigers & Twins acquiring Jarrod Washburn & Orlando Cabrera(respectively) he realed in his big fish Jake Peavy . I was on the way to work when I heard da news & i damn near got into a car accident learning about it LOL I was that excited. Now just like I expected all these national media guy, I don’t wanna name names but….Buster Olney from ESPN hating on this trade. Talkin about “this is a trade for the future, he’s prolly not gonna help this year”, “Can he succeed in the American League”, “Will he be the same after that injury”. I don’t wanna hear it!!!!!! Let me break down the reasons why it can help us this year.
1st off the White Sox have the best medical  staff in the majors…just look at how fast Jose Contreras came back
-Jake Peavy said he could’ve pitched in San Diego in August but they were gonna shut him down because they were out of the NL West race.
-We have 4 off days in August which means we only need our 5th starter 3 times in that month.
-He will be back for the most important month of the regular season, September &  thats when we play clutch sereis against NY, Boston on the road & the last two weeks of the season we play Detroit twice & Minnesota once AT HOME, and can you imagine the ground we can ground if we are down a couple games & if we are up a couple games with Peavy we can close the casket on them ******** lol
-And we all know that Detroit isn’t good enough to run away with it in august
-If we get in the playoffs we will have the best 4 man rotation in the American League PERIOD
Peavy,Buerhle,Danks,Floyd and anything  can happen.
Now sure we gave up 4 pitchers for him but let’s be real yea Clayton Richard was great his last two starts but the man is hot garbage lol I have been preaching that for the last year on this blog & sure I’m a lil down that we had to give up Aaron Poreda but if that’s what I gotta give up to get a former CY Young pitcher in HIS PRIME & 27 YEARS OLD FOR 3 MORE YEARS AFTER THIS….I’LL TAKE IT
The White Sox won 10-5 last night to make that day even better. We won off a bad appearance by the Yankee’s Sergio Mitre. D.J. Carrasco did pretty good giving us a chance to win. Clutch Homer by Carlos Quentin & a 2-out 2 RBI single by Chris Getz in the 7th sealed the win for us.
Carlos Torres….that’s who I’m rollin wit. He did pretty damn good in his 1st major league outing going 6 innings only giving up 2 runs(which were homers) what was also good is that he didn’t break down when he gave up the homers. I think he would be able to give us some quality starts til Peavy comes.
Now I think he will make his 1st start September 3rd, Wrigley Field in the makeup game agianst the Cubbies lol wouldn’t that make for a great drama???? The rivalry is already a heated one but to have Peavy have his 1st start against the team that REALLY wanted him lol WHO’S MAD NOW CUBBIES??? LOL UNTIL NEXT TIME YALL PEACE!!!!!


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  1. lilmatt

    This is a fantastic trade, and I am in total agreement with you. You can read my blog and we say virtually the same thing. This was a steal for the Sox to get a guy not only for this year, but for the next 3 or so years. To have Buehrle, Peavy, Floyd and Danks as the top 4, that is the best in the majors. Period.

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