Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox real talk checkin back in, and I am sitting here at the good ‘ol laptop wondering what word to use that would describe what went down at Da Cell tonight ummm……..PATHETIC!!! After taking a combined 5 outta 7 from the Yankees & Angels then just look sorry against the bottom feeders of the AL Central the Cleveland Indians. There are a lot of reasons why the White Sox lost tonight, like bad pitching by Mark Buerhle(I will get to that young man later lol), Errors(3 of em tonight) & bad offense. I’m gonna fast foward to the most crucial part of the game which was in the 8th inning when we had the bases juiced with NO OUTS! and the turning point in this sequence to me was when the umpire made HORRIBLE call that he thought was strike 2 but was really ball 3 after that it was strikeout, popup, groundout, game.
Ok i wanna know where who the hell is this & what did they do to Mark Buerhle????? Buerhls hasn’t been the same since that 5th inning that damn dome in Minnesota. He looked shaky again tonight giving up 5 runs in 7 innings. Because of this bad outing & other factors the Sox are now looking at a 3 game hole behind the Detroit Tigers who beat the Minnesota Twins tonight(who are slowly sinking. This years White Sox team reminds me of this guy:
Now just throwing a disclaimer out before I move on, I hate this piece of crap & will hate him until my Bears win the Super Bowl, he is the reason my Bears didn’t win the title 3 years ago!!! ok now that I’m done with my venting  lol the Sox reminds me of him because of the “Good Rex, Bad Rex” thing , one day they take out the best the AL has to offer than lose to the piece of crap Indians. This needs to change FAST.
-Allegedly the White Sox have claimed Alex Rios off waivers from Toronto, I hope this rumor is true.
-Jake Peavy threw 50 pitches on his 2nd successful bullpen session.
Until next time yall PEACE!!!



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