Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking in with a recap on this last series & to preview the upcoming series with the Indians. Ok coming into this afternoon’s game the Sox were looking to sweep the top team in the AL for the 2nd week in a row, BUT as usual they don’t. John Danks was shaky from the start giving up 6 runs in 6 innings, walking damn near everybody & also letting the Angels steal 4 bases off him. With all that being said the Sox still scored 5 runs & if it wasnt for Danks bad start might have won the game.
Today I was reminded that Gordon Beckham is still a rookie lol making a horrible throw to Paulie in the 1st that could have gotten them out of that inning with no runs scored & probably changing the flow of the game but he gave up 2 runs on that error. Then in the 2nd inning JD had a “Milton Bradley Moment” when he forgot how many outs there were which lead to a run score off a Sac Fly that wasn’t supposed to happen. Now to look on the bright side in the 7 games that the Sox have played against the two teams that were supposed “destroy us” they took 5 of those games and looked real solid. Now other bad news was that Tigers won 7-3 against the O’s & gain some ground by extending their division lead by 2 games. If you can’t tell already this is definitely gonna be a battle to the finish as it keeps goin up & down but I am waiting for the Sox to string off like 5 in a row to take the division lead & they have a GREAT chance to do that this weekend.
Now the Sox get ready to take on the Cleveland Indians this weekend in what I like to call a “Trap Series” the reason I call it that is because this is a series that we are supposed to not just win but sweep & the Indians have absolutely nothing to lose & are goin to try ruin our chance of taking the division lead. This is a real key series because we get a chance to bury one of the AL Central bottom feeders while the two teams we are battling with, Detroit & Minnesota beat each other to a pulp at Comerica Park this weekend. If you are the Sox do not take this team lightly because they just beat the Tigers & Twins in series but those were at their ballpark. Take advantage of your homefield and sweep this team before goin to the West Coast to play a good Mariners team & Oakland, a place that has been like the Metrodome pt.2. But let’s check out the pitching match ups this weekend.
Mark Buerhle(11-5 3.79 ERA)
Jeremy Sowers(3-7 4.97 ERA)
let’s see if Mr.Perfect can get back on track after a horrible outing last sunday against the Yankees & also his meltdown against the Twins two weeks ago.
Carl Pavano(9-8 5.37 ERA)
This will be the 2nd 5th starter spot of the month & its looking like it will be Carlos Torres starting.
Jose Contreras(4-10 4.95 ERA)
David Huff(5-6 6.81 ERA)
This is probably gonna be Jose’s last chance if he doesn’t wanna get kicked out of the rotation, he hasn’t had any problems giving up runs but has walked almost everyone he’s faced.
I now have some real good news to report on the Jake Peavy front, according to Jake Peavy will throw a side session for Don Cooper on Saturday & if everything goes as well as planned then he will begin his rehab stints in the minors with probable starts on Aug.13th, 18th & 23rd and if everything goes well he will make his 1st start with the White Sox in Yankee Stadium on August 28th.
Alexei Ramirez should be back in the lineup tomorrow night
until next time yall PEACE!!!!!


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