OK…LET ME GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT I AM SICK OF THIS CRAP! Now last night was the tale of two games it went from “Can Buerhle get a perfect game AGAIN???” to “Damn we’re down 5-1 how did that happen??” I’m not gonna recap nothing today I’m just gonna talk about the most frustrating things of last night . The only good thing that happened last night was Buerhle retiring a ML record 45 batters in a row & then the classy Twins fans giving him a standing O.
Now after that he walks Casilla then gives up a hit to Denard Span with 2 OUTS!! so then Mauer hits flyball to left field and what happens???????? SCOTT PODSEDNIK BECAME ALFONSO SORIANO AND FORGOT HOW TO FIELD!!!!
Then Chris Getz does the most stupid thing ever in the 7th when he move to the right on a play that was easily a double play especially with JOE FREAKIN CREDE!!! but NOOOOOO CHRIS GETZ THINKS ITS A HIT & RUN BUT THE ONLY PROBLEM IS…….NO ONE’S RUNNING JACKASS!!!! Then before you know it there’s runners on 2nd & 3rd NO OUTS, base hit from Michael Cuddyer hits a single and “WOW…..WE’RE ACTUALLY LOSING?????”


Now I’m finna do what the title of my blog says give the Sox some REAL TALK! Now you’re SUPPOSED to win this division, you’re SUPPOSED to have the best pitching rotation in the division but if you don’t play a little thing called…….DEFENSE you are NOT gonna win this division. Now I am one of the fans who feels weird stuff happens in the dome but let’s be real people the Chicago White Sox are a TERRIBLE defensive team, outta the 9 runs the Twins have scored in the 1st two games we have GIVEN THEM 7 OF THOSE RUNS WITH OUR WEAK DEFENSE!!! and also stop the complaining man. The Twins are not the freaking(i really wanna say another word) Yankees of the 90’s!!! Every single time we go there we act like they are just UNBEATABLE NOOOOO IF YOU START PLAYING DEFENSE YOU CAN WIN!!! AND IF THEY THINK THAT THIS KINDA PLAY IS GONNA FLY AGAINST THE YANKEES???? STOP IT! WE WILL BE COOKED IF WE DON’T GET BETTER DEFENSIVELY!
Now Carlos how can I say this……………..YOU CAN’T KEEP GOIN 0-4!! YOU HAVE LIKE 4 HITS SINCE BEING BACK! I KNOW YOU ARE HEALTHY AFTER MAKING THAT PAY IN DETROIT A COUPLE DAYS AGO SO WHERE’S THE OFFENSE???? The main question here is Carlos Quentin really the player he showed us last year??? or was that just a flash in the pan and he is really just a injury prone bum??? MAYBE THE DIAMONDBACKS KNEW SOMETHING WE DIDN’T???? NOW ALL I KNOW IS IF WE DON’T FIX ALL THIS WE HAVE NOOOOO CHANCE IN THIS DIVISION, UNTIL NEXT TIME PEACE!!…..GO BEARS!

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