Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in with a VERY, VERY dissapointing sweep at the hands of the Twins. Now I know that pic above is old but it really explains the feelings of the Sox & their fans right now. Things are as bad as they’ve been all season on the southside, we came into this game looking to avoid the sweep against the Twins rookie pitcher Brian Dueseng, he went 5 innings& gave up only 2 runs….INEXCUSEABLE!!! YOU CAN’T JUST SCORE 2 RUNS AGAINST A ROOKIE PITCHER……HAMMER THAT CLOWN!!! but NOOOOOO we make him look like an ace as he only really gave up 2 bad pitches, a homer to Nix & Carlos Quentin. Then guess what happened folks…yea thats right an error leads to a RBI single by Alexei Casilla!!!! yes the Twins player that is batting .171 on the year!!!!! and we making him look like a baseball god as he scored two of their 3 runs!!!!!
So the ninth rolls around and Nathan comes out…the Sox made it interesting with runners on 2nd & 3rd with 2 outs but same bat time, same bat channel as new White Sox Mark Kotsay lines out hard to Michael Cuddyer, in any other park that is a 2 RBI single but not in the Death Dome.
And to add salt to the already open wound Alexei Ramirez got carried off the field as he injured his ankle in the 7th inning and according to Sox beat writer Mark Gonzales Alexei was on crutches in the locker room but Ozzie said in his post game press conference that it shouldnt be as bad as it looks, I don’t know if that is true or he’s just trying to save face. Bartolo Colon is also back on the DL with some type of injury to his fat elbow!! i don’t even care anymore & also Carlos was limping after he hit his homer tonight and looks beaten down.
Now we are at the dreaded turning point in the season, after going 1-6 on their 7 game roadie they now go back home to Da Cell to face the hottest team in the AL the New York Yankees yea thats right Derek Jeter, A-Roid & Crew are coming to hunt us.There is only one good thing about this series is that its at home. I will be a game 1 but i am not looking foward to what I might see lol What makes this even worse is that Detroit will be playing the Cliff Lee-less Cleveland Indians(Lee got traded to the world champ Phillies earlier today) We gotta take at least 3 outta 4 to stay alive because if we don’t that might be the nail in the coffin. Other news in Soxville is that Josh Fields was sent down to Triple A. Until next time…Peace I’m goin to find some Alchol right now lol

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