Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checkin in with a pre-game blog on some distrubing news outta the Southside. John Danks will miss his start tommorow due to a blister problem, now they are not putting him on the DL & Sox staff say he should only miss one start but we all know that blister injuries can linger just ask Kerry Wood who had a blister problem last year & never was the same in the 2nd half. Now the Sox have called up Carlos Torres  from Triple A Charlotte  & will start tommorow’s game against the Rays. This isn’t the news I wanted to hear because we are in a Pennant race & we can’t be just giving away wins. We got Clayton on the mound tonight & he has been imploding of late & then Torres starting tommorow, I’m not saying he’s not gonna do well but against the Rays??? Not Likely so i think we are gonna need to score a lot of runs the next two nights to win these games. So hopefully Danks is only gone one start but we will see, until next time yall PEACE!!

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