Wuz Good World dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk and I’m feeling VERY good this morning. I just got news that the White Sox & Padres have agreed on a trade to send Jake Peavy to the Southside for Clayton Richard & 3 minor leaguers….only one problem tho, Peavy has a no trade clause. He is expected to make a decision by the end of the day. Even though Peavy wanted to be traded to the Midwest he had also expressed that he would prefer to stay in the National League. He talked to Scott Linebrink yesterday about Chicago & Linebrink said that from the conversation that its gon 50/50 if he agrees. I really hope he says OK cuz this would be a great blow to the AL Central and would officially give us the best pitching staff in the division also not to mention it would be a shot right to the nuts of my born to hate enemy, the Chicago Cubs. So stay posted as i will blog as soon as Peavy makes his decision, hopefully today will be a memorable day on the Southside. Also Sox won yesteday off and win their second in a row. Til next time…PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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