Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk, I’m feelin a lil better now that my Sox won and broke their 5 game losing streak but I’m not excited until they string up a couple victories in a row, but let’s get to the recap.
The Sox got off to a great start when Paulie started the offense off with a two-run blast to left field in the second inning. Then Alexei came up and hit an RBI double to make it a 3-Run game in the 2nd. Later in the Game JD hit his 9th HR of the year to make it a 4-0 game, even though Joe Maur hit a homer to cut the lead to 4-1 in the seventh, things didn’t get easier for Scott Baker
scott baker.jpg
Baker gave up a two-RBI double to Jim Thome in the seventh that made it a 6-2 game and knocked him out and sealed the W for the Southsiders. Another Note our Ace Mark Buerhle did great again.
Buerhle pitched 7 innings, only allowed 2 runs and struck out 4 and didn’t allow 1 walk. Now with that win the Sox will try to get a streak going with John Danks back on the mound, he’s looking to get back on track after that bad outing in Toronto. He will be goin against Fransico Liriano who has also been struggling, he has already lost to the Sox and hasn’t had the control he had last year. The Sox need to get rolling with them being 5.5 games behind 1st place. It’s still very early but you don’t want the defecit to get bigger with the Tigers & Royals playing great baseball.
Carlos Quentin will sit out this series with a injured ankle but will be available for pinch-hit situations.

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