Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk and  I just wanted to post this blog up about some stuff that I’m not too happy about. Well i go to my cpu this morning and i visit espn.com and i find out that the MLB is investigating Bobby Jenks about the throw at Ian Kinsler on Saturday. My first thought that i had can’t be spelled out in a family blog so i’ll sum it up…..WTF????? First off I gotta say that if they suspend him for this that is complete and utter B.S. The MLB wanna investigate a pitch that didn’t even hit Kinsler but don’t say nothing when our guys are getting hammered everynight.
During the broadcast on saturday The Hawk and Stoney were agreeing with me that Bobby shoudn’t have even got a warning. They didn’t get any warnings when we got hit…just bull man. So im just gon wait for the annoucement on wat they gon do. Also sidenotes Jose Contreras has been sent to the minors. peace

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