Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk and I’m back with another blog. It’s not a happy time in Soxville right now as the Sox dropped their 4th game in a row last night in extras to the shockingly good Kansas City Royals. The Game started off with the White Sox taking a 5-1 lead with HR’s from JD & Josh Fields(who both made their returns from injuries) but then Gavin Floyd(we’ll get to him later) gave up a 3-Run homer to Mike Jacobs. The White Sox then tacked on 2 more runs to move to a 7-4 lead but then the bullpen failed us as Matt Thronton & Octavio Dotel gave up 3 runs to tie the game. So the Game goes to extra’s where the White Sox would lose to Royals off the bat of a John Buck RBI Single. So What did the Sox Manager have to say about this?

Well Mount Ozzie exploded once again with these comments, “Some people on this team better check their ***, They better think about the way we’re playing, I’m talking about everyone, they better be careful I’m not afraid to make changes.” So strong words by the Sox Manager. I agree though that a LOT of players gotta step up, especially Gavin Floyd & Alexei Ramirez.
Gavin Floyd just hasn’t looked right this year and has moved his record to 2-2 but has a 6.29 ERA the Sox are gonna really gon need him to step up especially with Contreras already struggling.
Now to our next problem Alexei Ramirez, this guy is NOT looking good at all he is only batting .211 with 1 HR & just 11 RBI’s and struck out twice in very key situations, all i gotta say is he better get going or he’ll be gone and Gordon Beckham will be here cuz he is quickly looking like a one-hit wonder. Tonight tho the Sox return home for a 5-game homestand when Mark Buerhle returns to the mound looking to go 5-0. Til next time PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

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