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Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk checking back in, hope yall having a good evening just like me but lets talk bout the game. First off another great game pitched by Johnny Danks, he has now pitched 12 innings and allowed only 1 run, good stuff.
JD also has been continuing to do good by hitting a 2 shot HR that gave them the lead that they never reliqunished but there were some huge problems.

 The White Sox had 14 hits but only 3 runs to show for it. We left 11 people on base, thats never a good thing. So then at the end Bobby Jenks loads the bases but was able to string out the save for the win. A couple sidenotes: One i can’t wait till Scott Podsednink gets called up cuz Brian Anderson is pissing me off for real. Joe Maddon lost his cool for the 1st time ever and it was quite funny lol

But anyway 2morrow Bartolo Colon will go for his 2nd win against “Big Game” James Shields…by the way lol i don’t know why the hell they gave him that nickname cuz he’s only pitched in a couple big games and has got 0 wins lol but anyway lets hope Bartolo can follow up that performance from last saturday with a good showing. Until next time i’m White Sox Real Talk…PEACE!!!!!!!!

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