Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk, and I’ve got some good news today. The Sox signed one of our World Series Heroes from 2005,  Scott Podsednik. I am really  happy about this move because it gives us a boost at CF now that Wise is down and also a legitmate lead-off hitter.Now even though they signed him to a Minor League contract, i don’t think its gon be long before we see good ‘ol Pods at CF because do you REALLY have faith in this guy?
brian A.jpg

jerry owens.jpg
YEA MY POINT EXACTLY…..Now with that being said i think we are defintley making process with that move. Also something else i wanted to talk about, MLB is on ******** with cancelling the Sox/Tigers game because of the rain. Now from the TV it defintley looked like they couldve played that game. To me this is just another example of bias that MLB has against the White Sox. Because they cancel our games over a lil bit of rain but let the golden boy Cubs play in this ********:
Yea thats messed up man. Now that messes wit our rotation as John Danks will pitch on thursday against the Rays instead of today. Jose Contreras will pitch tommorow.

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