Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk here once again and I have just been smh since this season has started. Last Night was bittersweet for me because yea the Sox lost but my Bulls clinched a berth in the NBA playoffs so i was content, But here are my notes from last night. First off, Jose Contreras did pretty decent from a guy who came back from basically a career-ending injury. He lasted 5 innings and gave up 4 runs, The 1st HR came off the bat of Joe Crede, who was applauded when he came to the plate, but booed when he cracked that ball into right field. Then this is when it went all down hill, when the bullpen came in. Clayton Richard & Mike Macdougal threw 12 STRAIGHT BALLS!!! bases loaded with 0 OUTS!!!. SO THE BULLPEN GIVES UP 7 STRAIGHT RUNS IN THE 7TH!!!!, so now the Sox start the year 1-3, not hitting the panic button but this is NOT how you start a season in one of the most difficult divisions in baseball. Now the offense woke up a lil bit with Alexei & Dwayne Wise getting their first hits as well as Paulie & Carlos Quentin hittting their first homers. Fast Foward to tonight, one of my other concerns for this year is on the mound….Bartolo Colon. He will be facing a Twins lineup that I personally think is gonna eat him alive. The Sox offensive woes might continue with Liraino on the mound for the piranhas. So we will see what happens but Sox gotta get this thing together before its too late. Til Next time PEACE!!!


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