Wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk and was today a great day so lets take a look at my notes from the game, check out the highlights above too.
-Mark Buerhle gets a C for his performance today. He only gave up 2 runs today but his control wasnt there and he was throwing WAY to many pitches but a decent performance nonetheless
-The Young Guns get A for their performance today, Chris Getz had a single that was part of the 3-Run HR that won the game & Josh Fields had a RBI, a double and a GREAT throw to get out one of the Royals at home plate.
-Dewayne Wise gets an F today because he went 0-4 with the hat trick(3k’s) nuff said lol
-Bullpen gets an A for being FANTASTIC Clayton Richard retired 6 straight, Dotel allowed only 1 Hit and Bobby Jenks was……Bobby Jenks lol
-Jim Thome gets an A and he is our Hero of the day for his 3-Run BOMB in the 8th that won the game for us.
Tommorow Gavin Floyd is pitching so I’ll check yall later PEACE!!!!


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