35 Days Til Opener, White Sox Real Talk’s Spring Training Notes

wuz good world dis ya boi White Sox Real Talk, It’s 35 Days til my Sox open up the season against the Kansas City Royals, with the Bulls & Bears pissing me off the last 5 months I’m pretty glad baseball is only a month away. Before i get into my notes i just wanted to let Joe Crede know that he is now my enemy lol now if he wouldve signed anywhere else i wouldve been cool but by signing with one of my enemies(Cubs & Twins are my enemies if you didn’t know) the Twins I hope you bat .145 this year LOL


Now that’s out the way, let’s forget the past and talk about our 2009 White Sox, First Off let me say that I think the White Sox have a gem that will be VERY productive soon and thats Dayan Vicedo.

This guy in my Opinon could be a beast, he has a very powerful stroke and has looked pretty decent at 3rd base in Cactus league. Now personally I want this guy to be starting at 3rd on April 6th cuz I’m still not sold on Josh Fields. But Josh Fields is prolly gon be your 3rd base starter, but I bet you by June we will see Mr.Vicedo at 3rd.     Next topic up for discussion is the CF battle.

CF BATTLE: Brian Anderson Vs. Dwayne Wise


brian A.jpg
Now this is an interesting battle right here, I like both guys a LOT but I think that Brian Anderson will win this job. This guy has been nothing short of consisent, if you give this guy solid playing time who knows how good he can be. Dwayne Wise is a great player and one of my favs from last year, but I just don’t see him being a everyday CF but i can defintley see him platooning well of the bench.

carlos quentin.jpg      

These are the guys who will be our horses this year Alexei & Carlos, this is gonna be a year where all the lights will be on them. Last year no one and i mean NO ONE expected them to have the kind of seasons they did. Now after having a MVP season(Quentin) and a ROY season(Alexei) all eyez are expecting them to be even better. If they get even better than watch out.
Finally, the “experts” say we are going to finish 5TH IN THE CENTRAL??????? HOW DISRESPECTFUL CAN YOU BE???? WE ARE THE DEFENDING CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPS AND THIS IS THE RESPECT WE GET???? Now i admit Cleveland is gonna be much better now that everyone is healthy & that they added DeRosa & Wood to their roster . And of course the damn Pirahnnas are always gonna be around but last??? c’mon WORSE THAN THE ROYALS????? but its cool we gonna shock them all. Until next time,


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