Whats good world this is ya boy White Sox Real Talk checking back in wit ya, the sox season has only been over a couple months and boy has Mr.Kenny Williams already changed the look of the 2008 AL Central Divison Champs. In his attempt to bring more youth and speed to the southside, Mr.Williams’ first offseason move was of course not re-signing one Ken Griffey Jr.


This was a move that I saw coming from the begining of the offseason, I even said it was gon happen in my Season wrapup blog(If you haven’t already read it go check it out,It’s a great read LMAO) Mr.Williams(I CALL HIM THAT CUZ HE’S NICE LOL) then traded away a southside favorite Dirty 30 Nick Swisher to the Bronx

Even Though Nick batted a horrible .219 with 24 HRs and 69 RBI’s I was kinda dissapointed to see him go, because of his upbeat attitude and was always a site to see at sox home games. In return the Sox got back

Wilson Betemit(The Guy on top),Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez from the Bombers. And If you thought Kenny was done trading for a lil bit….YOU’RE DEAD WRONG LOL as Kenny traded Javier Vasquez to ATL in a 6-player deal(I GUESS KENNY READ MY SEASON WRAP-UP BLOG CUZ HE’S DOIN EVERYTHING I SAID TO DO LOL)

We got back prospects Catcher Tyler Flowers, Infielder Brent Lillibridge, 3B John Gilmore and Left handed pitcher Santos Rodriguez, Kenny says that all of these players have great talent even went as far as to say that John Gilmore is “the next Joe Crede” and calling Tyler Flowers “the next great all-star in the american league” I’m not gonna question him cuz he has a great eye for talent(Carlos Quentin,Alexei Ramirez).


Rumor has it that Kenny is also trying to shop former World Series MVP Jermaine Dye and our closer Bobby Jenks….

Now I hope these rumors are just rumors cuz i would HATE to see them go, now the Jermaine Dye trade would make more sense than trading Bobby Jenks because JD is 34 yrs. old and maybe on the downslide of his career real soon but trading Bobby Jenks MAKES ABSOULTELY NO SENSE PERIOD!!!! He has been nothing short of BRILLIANT sense making his Sox debut in ’05 he has had 3 straight seasons of at least 30 saves so that makes no sense. Kenny did say that he wouldn’t trade either player unless he could find equal value.

Rumor also has it that the Sox are interested in aquiring Marlins 3B Jorge Cantu who batted .277 with a career high 29 HRs and a team high 95 RBI’s last season


Finally The Sox have filed Arbirarion for Orlando Cabrera and are waiting for a reply, well the winter meetings start next week and Kenny plans on going their listening instead of going their talking ****(like when he said the Tigers trade last year gave the Tigers a better chance to compete wit da Sox lol) I’ll be back wit new blogs if any big news comes out of the Winter Meetings so until next time I’m WHITE SOX REAL TALK…..PEACE!!!!


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