Wuz good world Im just sitting here at the ol’ computer wondering IS TONIGHT THE NIGHT THAT GAVIN FLOYD SAVES THE WHITE SOX SEASON?? I sure hope so, he is UNDEFEATED everytime he takes the mound after a Sox loss. But weirder things have happened at the the dreaded METRODOME FROM HELL, will this be the night where my Sox rip the hearts out of Twins fans across the state of Minnesota or will this be the night that Joe Mauer & Justin Morneau put their own champagne bottles in the cooler and get ready for a weekend celebration. I HOPE ITS THE 1ST OPTION, we just need to put the 2 losses behind us and win this 1 game. If we win this game tonight the last two losses are meaningless and the Twins will still be the Hunters instead of the Hunted. A win tonight and we can have a HUGE party on the Southside with all Sox fans and get ready to play the Rays in the ALDS. This is the turning point in the Sox ’08 season, even though the Twins are riding high we can still knock em down.

Of course I still have my worries like is this team really focused on the AL Central goal? I ask myself this question because this morining I was reading the Chicago Sun-Times and something that Ken Griffey Jr. told the press really erked me. A reporter after last night’s loss asked him as a fellow Centerfielder how did you feel about Carlos Gomez’s athletic catch that robbed A.J. of a double and Junior said:

“I wasn’t watching, I was looking at something else”……???????


JR. WHAT THE HELL WERE U WATCHING, THE HOUSE OF PAYNE???? THIS WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLAY OF THE GAME AND YOU TALKING BOUT I WASN’T WATCHING IT. That kinda makes me scared that maybe this team is already defeated mentally, I mean with those comments and also Orlando Cabrera saying “These guys don’t want to win as bad as I do, We come to the ballpark HOPING to win not saying we’re GOING to win” if they’re going into tonights game with that mentality then please do the city of Chicago and all Sox fans across the nation a favor AND DON’T EVEN SHOW UP TO THE GAME AND EMBARASS YOURSELVES!!! This is honestly pitfull to see my Sox imploding right in my face at the end of the season. I feel like a Mets fan right now….





  1. Joe

    Whoever wins this game is probably going to win the AL Central. It is possible that the Sox lose and still win the division. The Twins have a tough matchup against the Rays in Tropicana Field, and the Sox face a pretty bad Indians team. They could pull it off, but if they win tonight they have the division, anyway.

  2. ladywhitesoxfan

    I agree. It’s possible we could still win the division if we don’t win tonight, but a loss tonight would really put us behind the 8-ball. I can understand if Griffey maybe looked away from the field for a few seconds (filling a cup with Gatorade, looking for the bag of sunflower seeds, etc.) I know I frequently watch games while puttering around the house and it seems like something big happens as soon as I look away to fold laundry or straighten up the room.

  3. Joe

    Oh, I didn’t know they played the Royals. I that case, the Sox better win today. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twinkies swept the Royals and won that division. They won’t lose the series, so 2-3 worst case for them. That means the Sox have to sweep if they don’t win tonight. They’d have to win the series, anyway. Like I said before, the winner of this game will be the winner of the AL Central. That’s why it is so important for both teams.

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