Its Never Gonna Happen

You see this, this is the look of ******* Cubs fans all year long wit there stupid *** Its Gonna happen signs. I dont mean to sound like a hater but dont belive the hype its not gonna happen this year, next year or any time soon. Here’s my reasons why the Cubs arent gonna win the world series:

1.) They’re the Cubs

2.)The team with the best record in they’re league rarely win the whole thing

3.)No matter how well the Cubs play in the regular season something always goes wrong, may i bring up the 3-1 series advantage against the marlins in the 2003 NLCS and this guy:

4.)Even if they get to the Series they cant beat any of the AL playoff teams, they are 0-3 against the Rays this season.

5.)They’re the Cubs lol

Now with all this being said by Mid-October the looks on the faces of Cubs fans will be more like this: 

Even you Cubs fans know im right…..Please Stop Believing



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