Once again the twins do the unthinkable and score 5 runs in the 9th against the AL’s best team the Tampa Bay Rays, the problem that happened here to me was a mental mistake obviously by Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon by bringing in Troy Percival WAY TOO EARLY and not having him come in the 9th and close the game. So a great 3 HR performance by Evan Longoria goes to waste…….MEANWHILE IN THE BRONX….

Javier Vasquez is getting his behind whooped by BOBBY ABREU WHO HASNT HIT A HR SINCE THE HR DERBY IN ’05!!!! so once again ozzie brings in the horrible bullpen and same bat time same bat channel White Sox lose 9-2 to the Yanks, now they head to Kc to face the Royals yea on paper it looks like a sweep espically wit Johnny Danks on the mound for the southsiders but the Royals have been hot lately so Twins win the battle tonight, Sox AL Central lead is down to 1 1/2  games magic number is still 9.


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